Make Room for the New

Cleaning out and moving on during the week of December 7.

This week’s planetary gymnastics springboard us into future planning and stretch our imaginations to include more Hope with a capital H. Hope, if used foolishly, can become escapism. Sagittarius (our current zodiac season) is a sign that’s occasionally guilty of banking on optimism and good luck while neglecting the concrete tasks and finer details needed to transform a dream into reality. Like other fire signs, Sag is short on patience and burns with a desire to see change happen now. Hammering out a goal’s practical steps and exact logistics is more the concern of Capricorn, an Earth sign that the Sun will enter later in December. For now, we need all the fiery faith, inspiration, and infectious positivity we can get from Sagittarius. Days are short and nights long. Hope of a better tomorrow keeps us tumbling forward.

Relatively smooth space traffic this week assures us there is a light at the end of the tunnel. With Venus entering the exciting, innovative sign of Aquarius on Wednesday the 7th (where it will join Mars), our eyes will be enthusiastically fixed on the future we wish for ourselves. This is an excellent time to throw out old stuff to make room for the new. That toothbrush your ex left behind? Chuck it in the garbage already. Chapters end; you’re writing a new one now. That ill-fitting jacket you’ve been holding onto yet haven’t worn in three winters? Donate it to a coat drive. We have to intentionally let go in order to welcome fresh, finer experiences.

In our relationships, community ties, and work lives too: If it’s time to move on from a situation, this week will illuminate that need. Sagittarius season loves to increase freedom of movement, and with Aquarius energy and some Aries influence added to the mix, we’ll feel the itch to express our personal views and balance “alone time” with “people time.” Another downside of Sagittarius is the sign’s tendency to procrastinate, bouncing from activity to activity while avoiding serious commitment or follow-through. This week’s astrology invites us to question that behavior and fine-tune how we approach both independence and partnership. (Hint: We need both to succeed!)


On Wednesday the 7th, don’t expect to get much done and don’t start new endeavors if you can help it. A quarter moon creates extra hurdles to clear, so breathe through the delays. Today Venus also enters Aquarius, turning our attention toward groups of friends, technology, and the future of our relationships. Thursday the 8th and Friday the 9th both have a good sense of flow (with chances to make important contacts on Thursday), yet also include potential for irritating disagreements and riled-up standoffs between two differing points of view. However, thanks to an Aries moon, these two days are excellent for making new beginnings and reinventions of the self.

On Saturday the 10th, the Sun makes its once-yearly meeting with Saturn, a planet that demands we face reality. Saturn’s get-real activity nudges us to examine how far we’ve come since the planet last touched the Sun on Nov. 30, 2015. Take stock of your progress since then and admit what work you still have to do. You’re beginning a new cycle that will last a full year. Saturday is also a great day for poets, songwriters, and artists. That’s because Mercury’s positive angle to Neptune connects us to our creative source and inspires artistic expression. On Sunday the 11th, the Sun teams up positively with Uranus, cooking up ideas of how we can do things differently. However, with Venus in emotionally detached Aquarius and Mercury in non-subtle Capricorn, we may say or hear words that are delivered rather coarsely and coldly. Try to choose a good time, tone, and method to discuss sensitive topics. For instance: Are you texting something that would be better discussed in person? Are you having an important partnership talk when you’re both tired and hungry? Communicate smarter.

On Monday the 12th, you’ll get yet more chances to work through wounds and confront self-limitations when the Sun squares Chiron, planet of healing. Yeah. More Chiron work. Tuesday the 13th dishes up a pretty decent full moon in Gemini that invites us to examine the ways we communicate. Because Saturn’s involved, we’ll also consider which boundaries we want to increase or loosen. Are we being too inflexible? Too rigid? Are the walls we put up preventing us from shining and being seen? Or are we letting people walk all over us when we should be saying “No, thanks”? This full moon brings up important choices about how we want to partner.