Killer Whales and Theremins

An all-ages rock/theater fable

Killer Whales and Theremins

Art-rock band “Awesome!” consists of a bunch of talented musicians who also happen to be, every one of ‘em, theatre geeks, with plenty of sketch comedy experience as well. This explains some of the group’s oddball trappings: their conservative suits, eclectic musical instruments, and their tendency mid-jam to play things like the theme from Barney Miller. It also explains why periodically they don’t merely release an album, they present an original musical. A couple years back it was Delaware (also their debut album), a quirky, tuneful piece about navigating a place you’ve never been; last year they followed it up with noSIGNAL at On the Boards, a non-linear examination of bees, hive minds, and other Big Ideas. Now, fresh from its debut at the Portland Institute for the Contemporary Arts, the boys come home to present their newest piece, Here’s What Happened, at Seattle Children’s Theatre. You might expect that the choice of venue for this limited engagement is classic art-rock irony, but you’d be wrong: this actually is a kid’s show, a fractured fairy tale about an apple revolution with killer whales and Theremins somehow worked in. So do yourself and the younger generation a favor: grab a convenient niece or nephew and go expand their, and your, musical worlds.

Sept. 20-22, 8 p.m., 2007

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