Jumping Hurdles

Tempers cool down but new obstacles pop up.

Last week’s retrograde-motion Mercury was a little too “informative,” dropping on our doorstep discoveries that, frankly, stunk. And the tense full Moon in Libra set off explosive emotions about fairness and competition. Well this week brings a little relief … but also presents tall hurdles that will take courage to clear. Luckily the Sun, Mercury, and Uranus are still in the Zodiac’s bravest sign: Aries! Still, this week’s roadblocks will require patience. Though Aries is a decidedly impatient sign, three planets in Capricorn (Mars, Saturn, and Pluto) are providing the long-view perspective we’ll need. The feisty, fiery Aries planets are yelling, “I need to succeed NOW!” while the cautious, mature Capricorn planets are saying, “There are steps to success, Kid. Be patient.” These competing clusters of planets—Team Aries versus Team Capricorn—form contentious “square” angles all week. Nothing will be achieved easily.

The relief part comes on the 7th, when planet Mars ends its “out-of-bounds” flight path, a change that ought to lower overall rage levels. Beneficial planetary aspects on the 5th, 7th, and the 10th can assist us in leaping over obstacles and locating support too. Plus, Venus is pleased to be in Taurus, a placement that makes food especially tasty and puts us in touch with our bodies. April and May are months that bring rare, big-deal astrological events: Chiron changes signs in April, Uranus in May. Plus, Saturn and Pluto go retrograde later this month. So if you’re experiencing whooshes of topsy-turvy anxiety these next few weeks, keep in mind that important celestial shifts are often preceded by stress. We’re wrapping up narratives and clearing the way.


When a circular chart of the sky shows two planets forming a 90-degree angle to each other, it means those planets are creating a “square.” They are “squaring” each other. In astrology, squares usually correspond with frustrating events or challenges. Squares—much like Mercury retrogrades or eclipses—may be annoying, but they motivate us to do things differently or try another way. Squares declare: “Change or perish!” Discomfort can inspire us to take action, after all. Although some (Mars-related) anger is dissolving by the 7th, a batch of five significant squares peppered throughout the week means we’ll surely encounter difficulties.

On the 4th, Mercury (communication, words) squares Mars (action, anger). Then on the 5th, Mercury squares Saturn (limitations, responsibilities). On the 8th, the Moon squares the Sun; this usually presents a routine complication. Finally, on the 10th the Sun (self) squares with Pluto (deep feelings, transformation). Also on Friday, Venus (money or love) squares the North node (destiny, life path). Good golly. At least we’re all in this together, right? Since Mercury is still retrograde and not even one planet is in an Air sign, eloquent communication and analytical decision-making are harder than usual. Primal emotions are smoldering, yet the right words are slippery. If you feel viscerally irate, wear some blue clothing (really), hang out near a body of water, or plunge your hands into the soil.


On Wednesday the 4th, prepare to feel peeved or provoked by words. People are spitting fire. The Moon in Sagittarius today and tomorrow creates an urge to take swift action and go your own way, yet action will probably have to wait until Friday. Partnerships and creative projects can be sources of stress too. More hot words hit on Thursday the 5th, along with disappointment and perhaps sadness. If you hit a wall of “no,” maybe it’s just not the right time. Don’t despair. On the bright side: It’s possible to receive unexpected support or hear of a great opportunity today. On Friday the 6th you can accomplish a lot of practical tasks after 11 a.m., once the Moon moves into Capricorn. Connections that you’ve outgrown may strain and snap, but you can take smart steps to achieve goals. Early in the morning of Saturday the 7th, Mars ends its out-of-bounds status, which ought to reduce the palpable anger in the air. Venus makes two supportive angles (with the Moon and Saturn) that encourage us to make healthy choices and changes that stick. It’s possible to reach agreements today. On Sunday the 8th, you may hit yet another block on the road to progress when the Sun squares the Moon. Make practical adjustments. On Monday the 9th, you can actually think and communicate clearly, because the Moon in Aquarius is cooperating with Mercury. Tuesday the 10th requires one last pole vault over two irritating squares. However, the evening is ultra-romantic because Venus and Mars are making a sweet “trine” aspect.