I Saw This: Nickel Bettor

Victoria Haven at Greg Kucera Gallery.

Victoria Haven’s geometry-inspired minimalist works sometimes allude to natural forms, though more often they simply muse on line and perspective. Filling Greg Kucera’s front galleries with sculptures, works on paper, and photographs, the Seattle artist is mining a vein, her slant lines translated from one medium to the next. Inky angularities sink into gampi paper, creating subtle, shadowy depressions, while photographs of twine strung between nails seem to be flattened 3-D takes on her drawings. The piece that most drew my attention is a shiny, nickel-plated sculpture, called, and looking like it could spell, Double or Nothing. Overlapping curves could be a D or a B, or two zeros. The angular lines that make up N, T, and H are harder to discern, but somehow the feel of the phrase is there, all leaning curves and open swoops. It feels like an italicized, risky gamble. Hard-edged, glinting lines pile atop each other, with an additional fuzzy layer cast in shadow upon the wall. 212 Third Ave. S., 624-0770, www.gregkucera.com. Tues.–Sat. Free. Ends May 16.