I Feel Pretty

Six years of sweet fashion on Capitol Hill

Anna “Banana” Lange’s annual “Parlor-Versary” made it onto the pages of an Italian glossy two years back, in an article calling her hip boutique “the place where the city’s trendsetters came in droves to see art, music and fashion shows.” As Miss Banana says, “Leave it to the Italians to know what’s hot!” Her House of Pretty Parlor is aflame, with its ever-changing selection of high-quality vintage wares that put Red Light to shame and pieces from local independent designers like sexy slips from Glam Garb by Gunlis and Suzabelle overcoats. Celebrate their six solid years in business tonight with live model fashion installations and live music from Leeni (who mixes Nintendo Game Boy samples with witty lyrics), the self-explanatory Accordion Boy, Nate Mooter, and The Thirties, who throw down live tap beats with omnichord and bass! DJs Scotty Lashes and Andrew Luck command the post-show “Supa-Dupa” dance party that should last long into the night. This is the kind of enchanted evening where anything can happen—especially considering, as Anna says, “Did I mention we have a bar this time??!!”

Sat., Dec. 8, 8 p.m.-1 a.m., 2007