Human Behaviour

Relationships loom large as we push forward through Aquarius and beyond.

“If you ever get close to a human

And human behavior

Be ready, be ready to get confused . . .

But, oh, to get involved in the exchange of human emotions”


Intimacy is messy, but so is birth. Both are necessary components of life. And finding people who understand and accept us in all our writhing weirdness makes life worth living. I once wrote a joke that goes: “Great news: I’m in love! … Horrible news: I’m in love!” Yup. That’s the kind of week we can expect.

The sign of Aquarius—our current zodiac season—tends to appreciate the concept of humanity and groups of people, yet often has difficulties with the intricacies of intimacy and the tricky details of human emotions. Aquarius is an intellectual air sign that values independence. But sometimes demanding no walls and zero boundaries leads to feeling, paradoxically, walled-in and distant from others, detached. We’ll sense this friction between freedom and responsibility on Friday when Venus and Saturn engage in a tense interaction called a “square.”

This bumpy square—combined with a new moon in Aquarius that will have us questioning what we believe—reminds us there are specific steps to getting what we want. Instant gratification won’t cut it now. Saturn wants us to think of the long view and fairness instead. In relationships and in career, you can’t always show up and take a cake slice. You’ve gotta wait for the oven to preheat. You must put in some sweat and allow for time to stir the batter. Independence is great, and strong desires (which will only intensify once Mars enters the fire-sign Aries on Friday) fuel us. But there is an important balance between “I do what I want when I want!” and an understanding that “Others rely on me and I rely on others.”


Planet Jupiter’s current position in Libra (which lasts until October) and a Venus retrograde just around the corner (March 4 through April 15) will only illuminate relationship matters more brightly this year, amplifying matters of justice and equality on a personal and public level. Get used to examining how you interact with people. Though we have profound responsibilities to our fellow humans, this interdependence doesn’t have to feel leaden and heavy. The exact braids of our one-on-one ties may have different weaves, but these connections suspend us off the ground.

Take it from a Tarot reader who has given hundreds of love readings: All intimate relationships feel difficult because they are so damn important. Vulnerable exchanges show us who we are at our icky, complex, gorgeous core. Love discomfort makes us aware of the gunky debris we’ve been hauling from past partnerships, habits, and hurts. But love also heals and rearranges us from within, on a blood-vessel level.

This week’s Capricorn moon on Wednesday and Thursday, combined with Friday’s Venus activity, may slightly depress us or allow pessimism to seep in. Our partnerships (even family and business ones) will face tests that may make old scars sting. We could fear being abandoned or smothered. However complex the dance of partnership may be, unions with others reveal to us—through the eyes of another person—exactly how we’re beautiful, hilarious, and uniquely skilled. We lift each other up and can just as easily drop each other with casual cruelty, calculated meanness, and spontaneous fear.

When the world on our screens seems overwhelming and brutal, we can center ourselves in the knowledge that we still have control over how we treat each other. In our text messages, encounters at the post office, and whispered pillow talks, we can choose how we communicate and listen. No matter what the planets or politicians are up to, these small-yet-potent actions are still within our power.


Wednesday the 25th is a productive day that also brings up negotiations around feelings. Thursday the 26th is great for finishing projects and turning in things. On Friday the 27th a new moon in Aquarius signals the start of the Lunar New Year. Additionally, Mars enters Aries (where it will stay until March 9), a sign switch that wraps up emotional stories we’ve been writing and encourages us to begin a new chapter. Friday is also the day of the jarring Venus-Saturn square that will make us face the music. On Saturday the 28th, Mercury fully clears its post-retrograde shadow zone with a crescendo. We may learn or reveal secrets that relate to the lessons we learned during Mercury’s recent retrograde. On Sunday the 29th Pluto and Mercury allow for a transformative conversation about how we’ll work together. Monday the 30th will offer opportunities that require some labor on our part, and Tuesday the 31st looks emotionally tough. Gentle movements!