Haute Trash Fashion Show

I’m a hoarder. It’s not that I need the boxes full of old birthday cards and dried-up pens that I hide under my bed, it’s more the guilt about sending such things to our overflowing landfills. Plus, I’m afraid the trash man might see what I’ve discarded and judge me. “Who would throw away a perfectly good scrunchie?” he’ll think. It keeps me up at night. But perhaps there’s hope for my trove, inspiration to be had from the Haute Trash Fashion Show. Featured outfits are assembled by Haute Trash—a group of progressive designers featured at SAM and Burning Man—as well as some local fashionistas. They use only discarded materials, meaning a skirt made from woven six-pack rings or a suit made of repurposed Hefty trash bags. The evening, which features beer and wine, is appropriately hosted by salvage shop RE Store. (Hey, what about a dress made of Tyvek? It would be totally waterproof!) The intent is to make you look twice at the things you throw away (or “store” forever in your closet). After the show, when I go to sleep that night, I won’t be sleeping over the mess of guilt I store under my bed. I’ll be sleeping on a pile of possibilities. SUZIE RUGH

Fri., April 17, 8 p.m., 2009