Growth Spurt

Mars drives the plot forward, Mercury goes direct.

New Moons are seeds of potential that—with the right care and conditions—germinate and blossom. The new Moon in Leo on August 21 planted seeds of change that felt extra-significant, due to the grand dance of the solar eclipse. Since the eclipse, you’ve been picking up hints about what kind of seeds the new Moon sowed in your soil. Whatever type of eclipse-level changes are occurring for you, expect to see swift developments this week. That’s because Planet Mars is “activating” your eclipse story like a heat wave triggering a growth spurt. Though high-energy Mars (now in Leo) can be a feisty fighter, it also represents our determination to push the plotline forward. It is our personal will, our desire to be seen and heard, and our ability to achieve. On September 2, Mars forms a lucky angle with Uranus, encouraging cool possibilities for future endeavors. Then on the 3rd, Mars touches Mercury, infusing our words with passion and power (or possibly anger). Choose wisely. Accomplish as much as you can from Wednesday into the weekend, because after Monday the 4th, a sensitive Pisces moon comes along and heightens emotions and dream activity as it reaches fullness on the 5th.


Moving into a new home is the ultimate Mercury retrograde activity. It makes you confront relics of your past, then decide: Keep or toss? It’s not fun, but it’s necessary to reflect and edit. If we never had to examine our previous choices or update our beliefs, we’d be stagnant and covered in dust. Cycles of shedding and growing define astrology (and the Moon, and certain biological processes). Even though Mars is stepping on the gas to speed up our eclipse-related progress, a retrograde Mercury and cautious Virgo Sun are both encouraging us to analyze and reconsider, lest we make any too-hasty moves. How balanced! This is a time to clarify our intentions and purpose. If, after consideration, we add an old object to the “keep” pile, then we’re more confident about who we want to be in the future.


Though Mercury began its retrograde in Virgo, an Earth sign (notorious for causing physical objects to break), it dips back into Leo on the 31st to finish out this retrograde with a focus on our visibility in the world: How are we cultivating and sharing our talents? Do we need to return to previous conversations or emails related to that? Mercury ends its retrograde and turns “direct” on the 5th. While some astrologers say Mercury-turns-direct day is a time to wipe our brows and rejoice, I’m a firm believer in paying attention to the pre- and post-eclipse “shadow zone” too. Factoring in this shadow zone, we see Mercury won’t be fully back on track until September 20. But the most challenging part is over!


A heavy mood hangs over the morning of Wednesday the 30th, but lifts by early afternoon. Once the gloom passes, you can make big strides in your to-do list for the rest of the day. Thursday the 31st keeps the productive streak going with a Capricorn moon that lasts until Saturday morning. Venus and Neptune get cuddly in the early evening, so plan a date night or enjoy some form of art or creativity. It’s a fine day to make your home feel more homey too. On Friday the 1st, expect an emotional transformation involving financial resources or structures that support us. We all have feelings about our money and personal worth, and it’s time for dramatic adjustments. Saturday the 2nd puts emphasis on future plans and personal potential. Where do you see yourself in three years? What do you want to achieve? The day is sprinkled with good-luck dust that can help you propel personal goals. Sunday the 3rd has a romantic aspect in the evening. However, Mercury and Mars make a collision that could result in rage and biting words or the ability to persuade others and powerfully communicate. On Monday the 4th, a smooth morning takes a turn for the intense by evening when the Sun faces off with Neptune. Disappointment, confusion, or even dishonesty could occur. Neptune is also famous for activating addiction issues, escapism, and self-destructive behavior. Tuesday the 5th marks some big switches: Mars enters Virgo (which should mellow tempers) and Mercury goes direct.