Glengarry Glen Ross

Why the hell does David Mamet’s 1982 play remain so captivating? His text provides an express elevator that quickly dispatches actors and audiences alike to a subterranean locus of collective inhumanity—a sort of Carlsbad Caverns without the gift shop. John Aylward, R. Hamilton Wright and Charles Leggett approach Mamet’s material like Little Leaguers come tournament time, and each knocks his share of speeches out of the park. Others, like Russell Hodgkinson, struggle to hold on as the show goes careening by. M.J Sieber remains one of the most elastic and fun-to-watch actors on the local scene, and his turn as office manager John Williamson (Kevin Spacey’s role in the all-star 1992 film) finds both the whipping boy and sadist within. Glengarry is ultimately a timeless story of greed and callow indifference. There’s nothing ’80s about being forced to choose between your meals and your morality. KEVIN PHINNEY [See Kevin’s full review.]

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