Film Calendar

Dates are tentative and subject to change.


27 ANNAPOLIS Not screened for critics. Navy boy James Franco runs around shirtless, doing calisthenics in the rain. When did Disney start making gay porn?

27 BIG MOMMA’S HOUSE 2 Martin Lawrence makes a sequel between rehab-clinic visits.

Seattle Weekly Pick27 CHILDISH FILM FESTIVAL Because they need to learn there’s more to life than Xbox 360 and Nickelodeon. Northwest Film Forum, 1515 12th Ave., 206-267-5380, Ends Feb. 3.


3 THE SYRIAN BRIDE She’s Syrian, and she wants to get married. How much more do you need to know? (No, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson do not crash her wedding.)

Seattle Weekly Pick3 THE THREE BURIALS OF MELQUIADES ESTRADATommy Lee Jones stars in and directs this border-set revenge flick with sparse Western authority.

3 THE WORLD’S FASTEST INDIAN Old coot Anthony Hopkins is neither an Indian nor particularly fleet of foot; here he plays a motorcycle racer from New Zealand. Is this the most misleading title of the year?

Seattle Weekly Pick 10 AFTER INNOCENCE A SIFF favorite documentary; DNA testing frees death-row convicts, who aren’t prepared to breathe free air.

10 FIREWALLGod help us: Crusty old Harrison Ford, who couldn’t program an egg timer, plays a Seattle computer expert forced into a robbery scheme when his family is ransomed.

Seattle Weekly Pick10 WHY WE FIGHTSundance prize–winning documentary links Dick Cheney to military-industrial complex.

10 MANDERLAYLars von Trier continues his one-man filmmaking campaign to overthrow America.

10 THE PINK PANTHERDisaster waiting to pounce: Steve Martin takes the Peter Sellers role in this long, long delayed remake.

17 EIGHT BELOW For you Shackleton nuts: Explorers get lost in Antarctica. Plus cute penguins.

17 NIGHT WATCH A huge hit in Russia. Did we mention that it was a huge hit in Russia?

24 DARWIN’S NIGHTMARE This documentary about Africa’s political and environmental anguish was on several critics’ 10-best lists. Northwest Film Forum, 1515 12th Ave., 206-267-5380, Ends March 2.

24 RUNNING SCARED After Into the Blue, Paul Walker runs away from Jessica Alba and into some Mob-related nastiness. We’re guessing he also takes his shirt off.


Seattle Weekly Pick3 DAVE CHAPPELLE’S BLOCK PARTY “I’m Rick James, bitch.” And now the erratic TV comic has a movie, directed by video ace Michel Gondry.

3 16 BLOCKSCop Bruce Willis must protect crime witness Mos Def from both sides of the law; call it Die Hard 3½.

10 THE HILLS HAVE EYESYet another remake of a Wes Craven horror film.

Seattle Weekly Pick17 TRISTRAM SHANDY: A COCK AND BULL STORY Postmodern and self-deconstructing before its time, Laurence Sterne’s impossibly digressive 18th-century novel is filmed by Michael Winterbottom, starring Steve Coogan.

17 V FOR VENDETTA Apparently the Wachowski brothers can still find work after their two Matrix fizzles; Natalie Portman even shaved her head for this vengeance drama.

24 DON’T COME KNOCKING Writer Sam Shepard stars as a guy who, as in Broken Flowers, goes in search of a hypothetical son. With his real-life life partner, Jessica Lange; directed by Wim Wenders.

24 STAY ALIVE Alas, not a Bee Gees musical, but another teen horror flick, in which horny adolescents die off one by one.

31 BASIC INSTINCT 2 It had to happen, and Sharon Stone is back (though not Michael Douglas or director Paul Verhoeven). Keep your fingers, and legs, crossed.


Seattle Weekly Pick7L’ENFANT Another worthwhile study of Belgian down-and-outs, from those depressing Cannes darlings the Dardenne brothers (La Promesse, The Son).

7 ON A CLEAR DAYNot a Streisand remake, but a quality little Brit-flick about a guy trying to swim the English Channel.

7 TAKE THE LEAD A mash-up between Antonio Banderas and Mad Hot Ballroom; he plays an N.Y.C. dance instructor to a bunch of plucky, adorable kids. Aaaah.

Seattle Weekly Pick14 KINKY BOOTSLike The Full Monty, only with fetish gear; a bunch of motley Brits rediscover their self-esteem and save their town with leather and chains.

14 HARD CANDYInternet dating goes very, very bad when a 32-year-old guy hooks up with a 14- year-old girl; surprises are in store, however, as in Pretty Persuasion.

14 THE NOTORIOUS BETTY PAGEGretchen Mol plays the famous pinup icon and bondage queen in this naughty biopic.

14 SCARY MOVIE 4 Down from Brokeback Mountain, where she had a surprisingly good supporting role, Seattle-raised Anna Faris is back in the horror-spoof franchise.

21 HOOTA comedy about protecting endangered owls in the wilderness? Apparently, and it stars both Luke Wilson and Jimmy Buffett—being set in Florida, actually, and not the Olympic Peninsula.