Craig Ferguson

If you stay awake long enough to catch The Late Late Show (12:30 a.m. on CBS) you’ll know that its host, Craig Ferguson, is one of the more unique comedic personalities on television. His monologues and from-the-desk commentaries are stream-of-consciousness high-wire acts (think Lenny Bruce meets a young David Letterman). Having recently taped a week of shows in his native Scotland, Ferguson is now on the road doing stand-up. Since his humor has always been rooted in his outsider perspective of America (where’s he’s now a citizen), he has no doubt returned armed with fresh observations from his homeland. Free from the shackles of network censors, Ferguson will also be more than happy to let his comedy run wild and bleep-free. (21 and over.) BRIAN J. BARR

Sat., April 28, 8 p.m., 2012