Compassion and Care

A Pisces sky emphasizes empathy and Universal love.

It’s staying lighter out later and later each day, the Mariners are swinging bats at spring training, and the eclipses are over! Certain things are improving and warming up. The Moon is growing, along with our plans and projects. Yet at the same time, thorns of collective sorrow and interpersonal conflict are poking us too. This week has fabulous potential for love and healing (especially Wednesday and Tuesday), as long as we can handle clashes of opinion and potentially confusing communication. As of Sunday the 18th, Mercury, Venus, and the Sun are all in Pisces. Gone is the cool, detached intellectualism of Aquarius season. Here to stay (until late March) is Pisces’ warm way of wading through the Universe: with emotional intelligence, interconnectedness, and empathy. Venus in Pisces has us feeling compassion for people (even strangers) and easily seeing things from another’s perspective. However, Mercury in Pisces makes us wishy-washy with words and boundaries. It’s better to communicate directly and specifically, rather than be vague and avoidant just to keep the peace.

Like all water signs, sensitive Pisces understands the world primarily through feelings. Symbolized by two fish, Pisces is the last constellation of the zodiac. It occupies the mysterious 12th house, a fuzzy realm of dreams, secrets, psychic intuition, and the subconscious. This house also deals with sacrifice, collective pain, and secluded institutions such as hospitals or jails. Because planet Neptune—ruler of Pisces—is active this week, our dreams may be extra-detailed and significant. Pisces and Neptune like to dissolve our sense of separation and soften the sharp edges of reality through mind-altering rituals like drugs, music, and dance. Art forms that transport us (film, video games, fantasy novels) are Piscean too. Famous Pisces Fred Rogers, who began each episode of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood by feeding literal fish, helped children navigate complex human emotions and cultivate kindness. In true Neptunian fashion, his show also created a Neighborhood of Make-Believe where kids were free to imagine. Feelings and fantasy are on the menu at Pisces season.


In John Hughes’ 1985 film The Breakfast Club, five high-school students arrive at Saturday detention convinced that they have nothing in common. The teens begin their day closed off and arm-crossed, but slowly soften and let down their guards. They share a joint (Pisces rules drugs), cry together (Pisces rules tears), dance to loud songs (Pisces rules music and dancing!), and discover how similar they actually are. By listening to each other’s sad truths, the youth gain insight and empathy. Their defensiveness melts. The five teens come to realize that they are fine the way they are; it is the cold, adult world of flawed vice principals and disappointing parents that pressures them to use one-dimensional labels which keep ’em separated and disconnected. From its secluded setting to its themes, The Breakfast Club is a very Piscean film. This past week, in the real world, we witnessed high-school students—moved by painful events—deliver powerful messages to authority. Pisces season teaches us that compassion and care require that we first acknowledge others’ pain and suffering (even if it is not identical to our own).

On Wednesday the 21st, Neptune and Venus unite to soften the hard edges of life and add hopeful sparkle. Love and sweet tenderness will be flowing, regardless of relationship status. It’s a great day for artistic endeavors and communicating effectively. The Taurus Moon has you seeking delicious food and other physical pleasures. On Thursday the 22nd, the Moon is between signs from the wee hours until 4 p.m. Work on existing projects during the day, but try not to begin new ones. Avoid overextending yourself and your budget (money or time) too. Friday the 23rd includes challenges involving words and perhaps a conflict between what’s best for you and what’s best for the group or team. You’ll feel motivated to push ahead though. Thoughts are quick and clear. Another long “void of course” Moon hits on Saturday the 24th. The Moon, along with your ability to plan and think clearly, will be fuzzy until 7 p.m. on Saturday evening when it enters Cancer. People may be defensive and snippy. It’s a good night to get cozy at home. When Mercury touches Neptune on Sunday the 25th it could cause communication confusion. Rather than make major decisions, find time to combine creativity with words (poetry, letter writing). A Venus-and-Mars square angle means chemistry and passions are strong … but so are argumentative tendencies. It’s still a good day to collaborate with others. Important insights will come to you throughout the day. On Monday the 26th you’ll want to get as much done in the morning as you can. The afternoon isn’t ideal for concentrating. Tuesday the 27th is a day when people will step up to help you. The Moon is in Leo, providing enthusiasm and confidence. Venus and Pluto form a positive aspect that prompts positive transformation of love or money matters.