Clean Up

Closures galore as Uranus heads out of Aries.

Stretch, stay hydrated, and pack snacks. We’re shoveling buckets of ash from last week’s Mars/Pluto volcano (and grody debris from Sunday’s Scorpio full Moon too). We’re tossing what’s not us, not true anymore into the compost bin. If the past couple of weeks have seemed curve-ballier than usual, it’s because that’s exactly the case, astrologically. As shocking, epiphany-giving Uranus creeps closer to its huge-deal entrance into Taurus on the 15th, the planet is bringing closures galore. We’ve reached the final chapter of certain situations, and we’re adjusting to a new reality now. Our long-range goals have shifted. Friday and Saturday emphasize endings, and next week there’s a hurricane of astro activity. Use this relatively calm week to clean up and catch up before the cyclone hits.

Organizing your material belongings and working with money in a new way are at the forefront of this week’s agenda. The Taurus Sun just passed a fertile seed-planting point on the 1st, and on the 5th the Sun will give us another shot to make good use of our potent creation possibility. If you’re planning to “grow” something (literally or metaphorically), start on Saturday. Beware: Monday and Tuesday look exceptionally challenging. If you’ve been postponing doing something until Mercury is completely done with its retrograde hijinks, there’s good news: Mercury leaves its retrograde shadow on the 4th! Feel free to sign contracts and purchase electronics after that. Most important: Take care of your physical body now. Repair mode requires rest, food, and water. This is difficult; you’re doing great.


Even people who don’t know beans about astrology have probably heard that Taurus is a stubborn sign. Folks often assume Taurus the bull is stubborn because actual bulls stand their ground and stamp. Not exaaaactly. Of the three Earth signs, Taurus is the one that’s “fixed.”

Each zodiac sign has one of three “modalities”: cardinal, fixed, or mutable. These names refer to the time of the season that each sign falls under; they also describe a sign’s temperament and strengths. “Cardinal” signs initiate new seasons and are likely to courageously begin (but not necessarily finish) projects. Cardinal Aries started spring. “Mutable” applies to times when one season is transitioning to another. Upcoming Gemini is “mutable.” This week marked May Day, a midpoint between spring and summer called a “cross quarter day.” Think of a cake sliced twice to make four pieces. Those lines mark the four seasons. Slice the cake twice more to create eight total slices. Now you have the seasons’ starts and midpoints.

“Fixed” signs of the zodiac include Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Taurus. The roots of these signs are firmly planted in certain beliefs; Taurus has a preferred way of doing things and doesn’t care to toy around with other methods. . Use this “fixed”-season willpower to tether your dreams to Earth by taking practical action.


On Wednesday the 2nd, you may notice little signs that you’re on the right path, due to some fateful aspects that the North node is making with Venus and Neptune. If inspiration hits, be sure to write down your ideas before they dissolve. You could locate resources that can help you, but accessing them will require some emotional growth. On Thursday the 3rd, more emotional work is in the lesson plan. You can reach agreement with others about what you want to create. From Friday the 4th until Saturday, endings and closures are everywhere. Mercury leaves its post-retrograde shadow today. With the Moon in Capricorn, you can complete practical tasks. However, Jupiter is signaling that you’re overwhelmed with all that you have to accomplish. Set realistic goals and ask for help if you need it. Saturday the 5th is a “fertile” day for sowing seeds and starting projects that you want to take root in reality. Do as much as you can in the morning. By afternoon the mood turns quiet and reflective. Chiron wants to help you heal today and Sunday—but since it’s Chiron, expect old mental wounds to sting. On Sunday the 6th, Uranus creates stressful pressure around money and love, urging you to try different methods. There’s also a lovely aspect between the Sun and Neptune that encourages physical and emotional balance. Monday the 7th looks intensely challenging. Though you can certainly forge new starts today and Tuesday, Mercury and Pluto clash, stirring up power imbalances and secret communications. An hour later, Venus and Neptune form a square. I really don’t like when they do that, as a Venus/Neptune square points out deception in relationships and causes financial confusion or disappointment as well. Tuesday the 8th marks an annual event when the Sun and Jupiter stare at each other. Your over-the-top wishes need to be more grounded. Admitting your own limits may hurt your ego a bit, but it’s important today. Look outside tonight and you can see Jupiter shining brightly in the sky!