Choreographic New Year’s resolutions

We, the Carmona Flamenco company, resolve to keep collaborating with other artists in addition to our straight flamenco shows. Our shared evening last summer with Kathak dancer Urmilla Nagar just about demolished the auditorium at the Museum of History and Industry.

We, Circle of Fire, Better Biscuit Dance, and Dappin’ Butoh, resolve to continue seeking out unusual and apt new venues for our performances. The tall bleachers in a hangar at Sandpoint made last spring’s “Lords of the Floor” event seem like the gladiator contest it was, while private spaces give a different perspective than the same old theater.

We, Pat Graney and the Chamber Dance Company at the UW, resolve to perform old repertory while also making new dances. We recognize that if music and theater groups can perform classic repertory, so can dancers. If we don’t respect our history, who else will?

We at On the Boards resolve to maintain the balance between developing local artists and presenting international groups, and to keep that principle at the heart of our search for a new artistic director.

We, the directors at Meany Hall, On the Boards, the Paramount and Moore theaters, and Pacific Northwest Ballet, resolve to avoid scheduling conflicts if at all possible. We realize that the list of double- and sometimes triple-booked weekends is too long to print, that last spring’s Ron K. Brown/ Mark Morris face-off was frustrating, and this autumn’s Tharp/Lines weekend (which also affected local groups ACME and Spectrum Dance Theater) was just about impossible.

We, too many groups to count, resolve to list all contributing artists by their full names, unless it’s Liberace or Beck. If Wayne Horvitz has a first name, then Franz Schubert does, too.

Sandra Kurtz