Headlining BirthDIYfest (billed as Vera Project’s one-night-only do-it-yourself music festival), BOAT rides high on their bright, guitar-driven melodies and quirky lyrical inspirations. Known to shower audiences with confetti and jump off equipment, front man and multi-instrumentalist D. Crane seems just as content shouting his sing-along rock choruses from the edge of the stage as he is serenading with them. Chaotic and bouncy, the local outfit charms with a unique sense of humor and an appeal to pop-sensibilities that make chatting with Mom over a plate of nachos seem like perfect lyrical fodder. Sometimes the live show chases entertainment value at the expense of the actual music, but the bottom line is that BOAT throws an epic party. With Kay Kay & His Weathered Underground, Feral Children, Kids and Animals, The Nextdoor Neighbors. NICK FELDMAN

Fri., March 19, 7:30 p.m., 2010