Blanket Truth

Sunday, February 24

Still own a cassette player that you actually use? Then Blanket Truth

is the band for you, because front man Jon Manning is a devotee of the

medium. He prefers to distribute his music on cassette instead of CD,

and whether he’s playing the ukulele, keyboard, or a toy instrument,

the omniscient tape fuzz quietly exerts its influence. In “Lo-Fi Fight

Samba,” he explains his love for the medium: “CDs and MP3s are

great/But they’ll never compare to records and tapes/I like the buzz/I

like the tone/I like the crack/I like the hiss.” True to form,

Manning’s cassette label, “Lost Sound Tapes,” peddles tapes almost

exclusively. For your continued listening enjoyment, Blanket Truth

recently released a split cassette (it also comes in CD-R form, if you

prefer) with Matthew Czerwinski of A Drum and an Open Window. With

Yes, Oh Yes and the Pica Beats. SARA BRICKNER

Listen to a sample of Blanket Truth’s “Jamz.”

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Mon., Feb. 25, 8 p.m., 2008