Back to the Future

The first and best of Michael J. Fox’s star-making trilogy, Back to the Future (1985) has one of the more preposterous plotlines in movie history: Huey Lewis-listening ’80s dude Marty McFly (shown to be a badass for hitching rides on trucks while on his skateboard) has a buddy who’s inventing a time machine. Shit goes haywire and Marty finds himself stuck in 1955, fending off advances from his future mother (Lea Thompson) while coaching his future father (Crispin Glover, not looking a day older or younger than today) to assert his masculinity. The memorable performances kind of make you forget all of that, though, incredibly. Movie screens at part of the Emerald City Comicon convention, and Dr. Brown himself, Christopher Lloyd, will attend the event. (PG) ANDREW BONAZELLI

Sat., March 31, 9 p.m., 2012