Attention to Detail

Virgo season starts and Saturn turns direct.

“When they say it’s over

It’s not all over completely”

—Thin Lizzy, “Running Back”

Now that the solar eclipse is over, everything will quickly calm down … NOT! Monday’s eclipse is still beaming down a floodlight of insights that demand humbling self-reflection. These “Oh, wow!” moments pop, crackle, and linger into September. Sudden health issues, extra-painful menstrual cycles, and restless or reactive moods are other unfortunate carryovers of the eclipse. Though bodies and emotions will gradually adjust, we’re not back to “normal” yet. This week, a retrograde Mercury continues to pepper us with new information, dig up the past, and provoke key conversations that shift perspectives and stir hearts. Speaking of hearts, Venus has a jarring interaction with Uranus on Thursday, causing surprise or shock in the love-and-money realms. Then on Friday, Venus enters Leo, where Mars is already lounging. Venus in Leo (until Sept. 19) means that the prevailing love language favors grand romantic gestures and showy declarations: lush bouquets! Mixtapes and serenades! Public displays of affection! It’s a week of rapid developments and transitions that move us from play to work.


Though the week is fast-paced and demanding, two factors help us catch our breath and focus. First, it’s officially Virgo season! The Sun left Leo and reached steady, practical Virgo on the 22nd. Goodbye fire, hello Earth. (However, Mars and Venus both in Leo will prolong the impatient, impulsive fire in people for a while.) Second, Saturn turns direct on the 25th. (Saturn is not going retrograde, as I wrote last week—a mistake I’ve decided to blame on Mercury retrograde.) Planet Saturn, wise parent of the solar system, changes direction about twice a year. Five days before and after its direction shift, Saturn makes us think about commitment, linear time, and what’s real. With Saturn now direct, we’re better able to commit and follow through. It’s a great week to team up with others and accept increased responsibility.


If Leo says “I’m the best! I boast! I’m here to shine!”, then Virgo whispers, “I listen more than I speak. I’m here to serve and improve.” Periods instead of exclamation points. Since the Sun reaches the constellation Virgo around harvest time, it’s no surprise Virgo wants to organize, label containers, and sort seeds for next year’s garden. Ruled by Mercury, Virgo is a cautious Earth sign that excels at communication and logical thinking. A Virgo’s analytical skills and attention to detail are the best in the Zodiac. For this reason, Virgos make superb editors, librarians, lawyers, coders, teachers, and students. Self-disciplined and hardworking, Virgos will spend hours in their rooms practicing their craft and memorizing data. They don’t want to be merely good at what they do; they want to become experts. Not surprisingly, Harry Potter’s Hermione Granger is a Virgo. Real-life Virgos include Beyoncé, Stephen King, Roald Dahl, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, and Tim Burton.

Seeking perfection has drawbacks, though. During Virgo season, we can be overly critical and hard on ourselves. We might stress over minor details and shy away from risks. Plans are swell, but make room for mystery! With so much mental activity, Virgos are susceptible to worry and pessimism, which manifests as stomach problems. As you ease into Virgo season right after a hectic total eclipse, ground your body with soothing, easy-to-digest foods, healthy daily rituals, and even transformative house-cleaning.


To be productive on Wednesday the 23rd, do things before 1 p.m. or after 6 p.m. Expect a breakthrough in heart issues that night too. Brace yourself for erratic behavior, strong reactions, and power struggles on Thursday the 24th, a day when Venus and Uranus unleash a jaw-drop related to love or finances. Reschedule any romantic surprises, as they may backfire. On Friday the 25th, Saturn moves direct and Venus enters Leo. In the morning, reach out to people or institutions who could help you realize a goal (especially a creative project). You could feel hot and bothered on Saturday the 26th, but instead of spewing mean words, chill. Partnerships get a chance to release past hurts and start fresh. Sunday the 27th has positive aspects until midnight, so get busy! You might experience friction and pronounced differences on Monday the 28th, but by the evening an optimistic wave refreshes and restores hope. Tuesday the 29th will see tension between personal and group needs. You’ll have to work harder than you thought to meet a goal. But hey, it’s Virgo season!