Artists at Artopia: Who & Where

Jason Appear Debut of the “Low Moon” collection by this internationally acclaimed comics artist. Fantagraphics Shop

Aria Dance Company Diverse styles, from modern to folk. Wood Shop

The Asterisk Project/Nicole Sasala The piece Intersection will involve a handful of dancers taking direction from traffic lights and crosswalks. Ice House Lot

Jim Bartz & String Station An innovative 40-string group. Wood Shop

Jenna Bean Veatch Personalized improvisational dances for 25 cents each! Carnival

Christian Bell & Andrew Miller A serio-comedic performance that raises the question “What are you seeking?” Ice House Lot

Bicycle Belles Seattle’s bike dance troupe. Ice House Lot

Paul Budraitis Performing excerpts from his solo performance piece, most recently seen at On the Boards’ 12 Minutes Max. Wood Shop

Erin Elyse Burns & Allison Quemere Three video works, as well as a staged boxing match on roller skates. Ice House Lot

Buttenik Ensemble A group of friends and artists who perform live theatre, interactive film, and live music. Roaming

Esther Clark & Zesty McHooter Sculptures and large murals. North Lot

Nicole Cordier Floral art. Ice House Lot

Ethan Currier Stone sculptures. Ice House Lot

Chris Dacre Cardboard and other recycled goods were used to construct the Giant Chinook helicopter featured in Dacre’s “WAR is FUN!” gallery. Wood Shop

Danse Perdue/Vanessa Skantze Skantze provides the grand finale to a processional filled with various mini-performances along the way. Roaming

DASSdance/Daniel Wilkins A dry version of their new “Fighting Water” show. Wood Shop

Michelle de la Vega Studio works from the Rainier Cold Storage artist and dancer. Wood Shop

Willow Fox Digital art. Wood Shop

Rosalie Gale Waterproof art that can be placed in your shower, or anywhere else in your house, for that matter. Ice House Lot

Georgetown Art Center A benefit and celebratory grand opening of the new GAC print studio, showcasing new woodblocks, etchings, and drypoints.

Georgetown Super 8 Festival Amateur Super-8 films. Belle and Wissell

Joe Graziano A photographer influenced by the Cold War, inspired by ordinary life and the very light and very dark. Ice House Lot

Gyre Productions A short film by Jesiah Bell, Carey Christie, and Fort Dudak. 10 p.m., Belle & Wissell

Greg Hagood Paper motorcycles. Ice House Lot

Tom Hall Will be showing images from his Rainier Cold Storage demo. All City Coffee

Sophia Marie Harrington Adult and children’s face painter. Carnival

Will Harris These photographs capture and accentuate people in their everyday lives. Forsythe Hotel

Pamela Hathaway-Perrel The knitters of Georgetown Artist Cooperative will be teaching cooperative knitting via giant needles attached to a huge ball of yarn. North Lot

Alex Hayden A vast array of wood sculptures. Ice House Lot

Helmet Head Will house Tina Linville, Jenna Colby, Tempting Tarts Burlesque, The Blank-Its, and Nerdlinger. Helmet Head

Terence Healy This portrait artist will showcase paintings of his collection of forgotten toys found at thrift shops around the city. Ice House Lot

Victoria Heuman This interior decorator–turned-artist has a fresh form of modern canvases called Jetscapes—composed of multilevel canvases suspended as one complete work of art. Ice House Lot

Himanee & Jim Gupta-Carlson Himanee’s Artopia project developed out of a classroom activity in which she taught political-science students about Barack Obama’s inauguration live from the event itself. Wood Shop

Tula Howell A series of visceral photographs displaying food in unconventional ways: razor blades hidden in apples, or a chicken fetus in a carton of eggs. Horton Building

Tomiko Jones See profile. Wood Shop

Trey Jones & Derek Bruno Of Do Gooder Design. Ice House Lot

“Just Sage”/Petting Zoo Players Called the “metaphysical magician.” Ice House Lot

Julie Kadingo Gestures in paper, cloth, pencil, acrylic, and reused objects. Forsythe Hotel

Leonardo Lanzolla Paintings with an Italian bent. Calamity Jane’s

Shannon Leahy Bright colors and different dimensions. Wood Shop

Richard Lemmert Hardware cloth, hinges, and moveable parts all come together to create a unique series of sculptures titled “Satan’s Cages.” Ice House Lot

Chris McMullen See profile. Ice House Lot, Carnival

Lance Mercer Photos from the longtime commercial shooter, best known for chronicling Pearl Jam. Horton Building

Conor Mitchell A local artist doing visual art, music, writing, and design. Ice House Lot

Marissa Rae Niederhauser Dressed in bandages and braces, she’ll dance a short piece accompanied by an electric guitar. Wood Shop

John Ohannesian Magical paintings. Horton Building

On the Double See profile. Georgetown Records Stage

John and Michele Osgood/Bherd Studio An artist influenced by Picasso-era cubism and urban street art; will be demonstrating live art using acrylics and spray paint. North Lot

Micah Parker A combination of spray-painting techniques, one-stroke figure drawings, and portraits. North Lot

Heidi Pendergast Puppetmaster of a 4-foot-tall Tibetan monk puppet who loves to dance. Ice House Lot

Christopher Pfeifle He revisits with his innovative 14-foot-tall kinetic column titled Spinal Tap. Ice House Lot

Michael Pina: Urban Safari Street art manipulated in one form or another. Horton Building

Lisa Pisoni Creator of an art installation using a digital camcorder and asking festival-goers a series of questions. North Lot

Power-Tool Race/Rusty Oliver, Hazard Factory See profile. Carnival

Pyrosutra One of the leading fire-dance troupes in North America. Ice House Lot

Rachel Randall Dancers create a slow-motion sculpture of bodies connected by visible lines of yarn. Ice House Lot

Shannon Ritsher Creator of Greenbelts, human and dog accessories such as leashes and belts made from recycled materials and scrap leather. Ice House Lot

Justin Rodda Light sculpture. Ice House Lot

Jamal Saint Morris A graphic novel. Ice House Lot

Seattle Art Museum A street mural with local artists Damion Hayes and Lauren Holloway. Carnival

Brian Seldt A life-sized wooden horse, built from wood and insulation foam, appears dead with a reflection of the Grim Reaper on his back. Wood Shop

Evan Schuass & Lauren Fujii Experienced glass blowers. North Lot

Jen Seaman The onetime SW staffer leads a group of emerging alternative female comics. Ice House Lot

Eric Otis Singletary “The Two Percent Solution” is a monthly comic series. Ice House Lot

Joseph Songco See profile. Wood Shop

Shai Steiner Animal art. Ice House Lot

Siolo Thompson Animals and magical things, in paint. Ice House Lot

Helen Thorsen Modern and Butoh dancer, a founding member of Dappin’ Butoh. Wood Shop

Peter Toms A sculptor, performer, and musician from Fremont. Ice House Lot

Amy-Ellen Trefsger: Flat-Chested Mama A question-and-answer booth about live art, endurance performance work, andthe art/life continuum. Ice House Lot

Troupe Hipnotica A truly hypnotic tribal belly-dance performance. Ice House Lot

Mary Tudor Abstract work, in oils and wax on canvas and paper. North Lot

Two Tartes Cafe & Catering Will house Max Brown, Aubrie Brown, Lin Lamer, and Jenna Colby. Two Tartes Cafe

The Unrequited/BASE Movement Theatre/Megan Mertaugh Two individuals in a search for home, through dialogue, movement, and imagery. The Brew House

Adrian van Dooren A site-specific work exploring our relationship to language and language’s relationship to material. Roaming

Keith Amarek Waters/Citizens in Hell 4 Nine artists come together to collaborate on a project that explores the different levels of hell. Art Core

Weirdo & Joey Nix Uses oils in an organic fashion, combined with digital embellishments, to produce the Comcast mural. Ice House Lot

Brendan Wenberg Creator of Strange Child Apparel, he’ll be selling his clothes, as well as turning people into zombies on pen and paper. Carnival

John Wilmot If you’re a local, you’ll probably recognize these architectural shots of the Georgetown and SoDo neighborhoods from the past three years. Wood Shop

Steve Withycomb Creates carnival rides from wood and discarded and fabricated steel. Carnival

Youth Speaks Don’t be confused by the title: “Youth Speaks” will feature both teens and adult poets to show off the city’s best spoken-word masters. Ice House Lot

Liesl Zappler These wild wire cowgirl sculptures are sure to buck, rope, and lasso unsuspecting cowboys and passersby. Ice House Lot