Alice Gosti

For most dancers, performing at a movie house would seem like an unusual venue. But after previously presenting works in airport terminals and orchards, Alice Gosti probably thinks a cinema is fairly conventional. (At least it has a roof, right?) Wherever the setting, the Italian-born, UW-trained dancer and choreographer engages her environment. Performing the 2008 Airport Project at Sea-Tac, she danced looping sequences around check-in counters and luggage. Back home in Perugia, she bounded up and down a stone staircase in PortaSole. But food is at the center of her new Something Just Happened at 1:19 p.m., which involves plates of spaghetti and fellow dancers Devin McDermott and Laara Garcia. On her website, Gosti warns, “Make sure not to wear your most fancy clothes and aim to sit in the first rows. Trust me!” Whether she’s going to throw pasta at viewers, or dance with it—that remains to be seen. Or eaten. SANDRA KURTZ

Dec. 16-18, 8 p.m., 2010