About Fate

The Leo lunar eclipse Supermoon heightens emotions all week.

The nights are very unclear here.

But if the moon is full, we know it.

We feel one thing one minute,

something else the next.

—Raymond Carver, “Romanticism”

Although the lunar eclipse Leo Supermoon happens early Wednesday morning, we Earthlings will feel its effects all week, on both physical and emotional levels. If you notice animals, children, strangers, or partners bubbling over with strong reactions, keep in mind we’re all going through this together. And not everyone experiences an eclipse in the same way. Some people hardly notice anything, while others feel a fresh, intense emotion every 20 minutes. Your birthday (and unique birth chart) determine how the eclipse might affect you. Because Wednesday’s full Moon is the second full Moon this month, it’s termed a “blue moon.” While rare, blue moons have no astrological meaning. Eclipses, on the other hand, mark significant moments in our lives, where one chapter ends and another begins. If you can avoid overloading your schedule this week, save room for recovery and rest. Eclipses create a need for extra downtime. It’s okay to nest and seek comfort right now. It’s also a natural time to clean and clear your physical surroundings.

Last week’s astrology focused on partnership and communication adjustments, and that momentum continues this week. Planet Venus will “oppose” the Moon during the big eclipse, encouraging closure on matters related to love or money. By taking a stark, honest examination of financial and intimacy issues this week, we can face our shadows, fears, and outdated habits. It’s clean-up time! On the day of the eclipse, Mercury leaves Capricorn and struts into Aquarius. Mercury is glad to be in Air-sign Aquarius, where it can comfortably—yet rapidly—think of this, email that, and perhaps even finish a manuscript. Communication should be less terse and caustic now. With Mercury in Aquarius, we’ll be better able to discuss topics respectfully rather than bark orders like a dictator.


Since Wednesday’s full Moon is in the romantic, expressive Fire sign of Leo, we may feel moved to speak our personal truth and stand up for ideals. Creative potency is strong now too! Every full Moon is a lesson in duality, tension, and climax. This lunar eclipse is no exception. Leo and Aquarius energies are see-sawing in the sky. It’s our job to incorporate the wisdom that both signs teach. Leo is passionate, hot, and bothered. Aquarius is dispassionate, cool, and a bit distant. Aquarius rules technology and groups of people, Leo rules creativity and personal power. Unlike an ordinary full Moon, this Supermoon is closer to Earth, so it looks bigger. The full Moon’s close proximity means it will influence bodies of water—and our own bodies—in bigger ways too. You may have trouble sleeping, require more sleep than usual, or get dreadful menstrual cramps or headaches. Eclipses are also notorious for causing ongoing health issues to erupt, forcing us to take action. Pay attention to your body and don’t ignore signs that something’s off.


Like a mama mountain lion lifting her kittens by the scruff of the neck and plopping them down somewhere else, eclipses have a way of … redirecting us if we’ve strayed off course. They remind us of our life’s purpose. Though we’re responsible for own actions, eclipses often bring about destined events we can’t exactly control. Even the Lunar Nodes (those two points in space where eclipses occur) are also called Nodes of Fate. People enter and exit our lives. Jobs end. Leases expire. We can only do our best to accept and trust that what’s coming is meant to be. While a new Moon solar eclipse on February 15th will introduce important beginnings, this lunar eclipse on Wednesday offers culminations and healthy endings.


The lunar eclipse in Leo occurs in the early morning of Wednesday the 31st. Shortly after, Mercury enters Aquarius (until Feb. 17). Thursday the 1st could offer you opportunities to expand and do things differently, but might also include angry squabbles. Make no big decisions until after about 11:30 a.m. Friday the 2nd marks the halfway point between winter and spring. It’s a good day for sharing news far and wide and addressing love issues too. Your to-do list might bulge on Saturday the 3rd. Take care not to overspend or overextend yourself. You may also be processing some eclipse-related realizations. Sunday the 4th looks like a very positive day! I love writing that. With the Moon in Libra, Sunday is well-suited for small gatherings with friends too. Monday the 5th looks not-so-positive. The Moon is void for most of the day, so there’ll be more daydreaming than productivity. You might feel untethered and frustrated. Tuesday the 6th has a sexy Scorpio Moon, romantic angle between the Moon and Neptune, and a beneficial aspect between Venus and Uranus.