Jet City Stream's Staff Are Regular, Revved Up and Ready to Rage

Niffer Calderwood

When I ended last week's Greasy Swoon I promised a shocking expose into some of the Seattle music scene's dirtiest food secrets. What's housed behind this seemingly benign door can harbor office horrors so scandalous, one local label giant pulled out of participating at the last minute.

Not so the fearless folks at Jet City Stream, who let us peek inside the Pandora's Box that fuels their musical fire.

Niffer Calderwood

Anarchy reigns supreme in the recycling bin. It may have something to do with that giant bottle of vodka or these.........

Niffer Calderwood

My sources cannot confirm that former Mad Radder, Fresh Espresso co-front man, producer extraordinaire DJ PSmoov was paid to appear on Marco Collins' show recently in Four Loco Fruit Punch. But I'd safely wager on it.

Niffer Calderwood

Wow. It's not every day a girl gets to fondle what may be former Sonic's superstar Shawn Kemp's Muscle Milk. It looks the rest of this fridge's contents were curated by Lindsay Lohan and the Olsen twins. Condiments, Red Bull, yogurt and booze seem to fuel Jet City's Stream(s).

Surprising clean given its contents (and without a single "science project" growing inside) on a scandal scale of 1-5 -- 1 being Mormon and 5 being Motley Crue in '82-- I give this fridge a solid 3.

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