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Fine, fine pie!
The Eats : World Pizza , 672 S. King St., 682-4161. Vegetarian pizza parlor.

The Deets : Whether you're a meat lover


World Pizza Sends Tastebuds into Orbit

world pizza.jpg
Fine, fine pie!
The Eats: World Pizza, 672 S. King St., 682-4161. Vegetarian pizza parlor.

The Deets: Whether you're a meat lover or raw food vegan, the love of pizza is shared by all. A little sauce and some cheese (or 'cheez') piled a top a wedge of crust is practically a peace offering in some parts of the world. Satisfying all preferences in a single pie is a feat, though if ever it were to happen, World Pizza is fertile staging ground.

Nestled in a nook of a storefront in the International District--and reincarnated by the same owners who closed the eponymous Belltown location in 1996--this pizza shop appears unassuming but lives large inside. Rich wall color and warm wood booths furnish an understated interior where everything is just so: just one white and red wine (both $20 a bottle), one beer on tap (Manny's, $4 a pint), and a few select Italian sodas like Limonada are on offer. But these limited selections are of higher quality, and such time tested choices remove the guess work from deciding what to drink and direct all attention to the real show stopper: the pie.

The Beets: On a recent visit, Toby and I sampled World's signature pie--"Our Famous Roasted Red Potato, Garlic, Rosemary & Gorgonzola"--and the "Roma," smothered in walnut basil pesto and minced tomato. Both were excellent.

The potato-gorg was assembled on hand-tossed, rustic rosemary dough; thick and firm, it easily supported a heavy blanket of toppings (World uses a generous hand in the kitchen) and delivered them without spillage using the classic fold grip. The sauce was lovingly homemade--chunky, sweet, and garlicky--and the toppings were mouth watering and richly aromatic.

Roma's pesto was a perfect country pistou--nutty, sweet, and green. With lots of chopped tomato and lightly browned motz, piping hot right from the oven, what more do you need from a slice? Oh, I know--go at happy hour (3-6 p.m.) when slices are $2 a piece and prepare to blast off to the happiest place for both wallet and pie hole combined. This place is so good it might be from another planet--guess I'll have to go back and test that theory again soon.

The Tweet: Astral-planing-ly good vegetarian pizza.

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