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The Watering Hole: Uber Tavern , 7517 Aurora Ave N, 206-782-2337. GREEN LAKE.

The Atmosphere: There are plenty of places to try a new brew


Uber Tavern: A Tiny Bar with a Big Beer Selection

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The Watering Hole: Uber Tavern, 7517 Aurora Ave N, 206-782-2337. GREEN LAKE.

The Atmosphere: There are plenty of places to try a new brew in Seattle, but all beer geeks should make the trek to Uber Tavern at least once. Just don't count on getting a seat. The tiny bar is the size of a large living room and only has four tables and a few stools at the curved bar, all of which were occupied on a recent Saturday night.

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Uber is all about beer. Beer paraphernalia hangs from the dark green walls, the rafters are covered with a collage of bottle labels, and instead of shelves of hard alcohol behind the bar there are four fridges filled with bottled beers. Eighteen taps line the back wall, and a digital menu above the bar lists the weekly selection.

The Barkeep: Ken Provost's easygoing nature matches the mellow vibe at Uber, and when he's not serving customers he chats amiably with the regulars who line the bar. Provost has been in the booze business awhile. He's been pulling pints at Uber since it opened six and a half years ago, and prior to joining the Uber crew he was a buyer for PCC and worked for a wine distributor.

The Drink: Provost is a brimming with knowledge about beer and eager to impart his wisdom. When asked to pull his favorite pint, he carefully considers his options before bringing me a Chuckanut Pilsner. "They do a really good job of making authentic German beer," Provost explains. "They focus on one kind of beer, and as a result it really stands out from the rest." Another plus that Provost pointed out: The Pilsner is light and goes down smooth, so those looking to drink a lot can do so easily.

The Verdict: The Bellingham-brewed Pilsner is crisp and sharp, just as it should be. Uber's endlessly rotating selection of craft brews is sure to impress beer lovers, and those who are less impressed with the tiny bar can take home a bottle or even a full keg to enjoy in the comfort of their own home.

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