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These weren't the only chefs keeping busy this week.
To help put the Seattle back in Top Chef: Seattle , Voracious is partnering


Top Chef: Seattle Dishes Served At Portfolio

Bravo TV
These weren't the only chefs keeping busy this week.
To help put the Seattle back in Top Chef: Seattle, Voracious is partnering with The International Culinary School at The Art Institute of Seattle to provide a local interpretation of the previous night's winning dish. Each week, two chef instructors will choose the best recipe from a pool of student submissions: This week's recipe was created by Rhonda Walker.

The Art Institute's culinary students were far too busy attending to Valentine's Day guests to bother with Top Chef this week: "They are booked solid at the restaurant for three nights straight," spokesperson Devra Pransky reports. But a few of those Portfolio guests have been the beneficiaries of the students' previous Top Chef work: A salmon with sourdough dish inspired by last week's episode has surfaced on this week's menus.

"The salmon recipe has been proven to be a positive sale in the restaurant," Pransky says. "And the crepe dish from a few weeks ago is selling like wildfire."

The recipe for the popular quinoa-and-spinach crepe, developed for Voracious in conjunction with Sheldon's Restaurant Wars win, is here. But if you don't feel like cooking, Pransky promises both the crepe and salmon will be available at Portfolio this week and next.

Bravo TV
Salmon with Sourdough



6 oz. Wild Coho Salmon Fillet




1. Oil and season fish.

2. Grill.

White Bean Ragu


White beans

Mirepoix, cut brunoise

Saffron threads

Salt and pepper

Fresh herbs


1. Cut onions, carrots and celery brunioise

2. Sweat mirepoix

3. Add beans

4. Cook until tender

5. Finish with saffron threads

6. Season to taste with salt, pepper and fresh herbs

Sourdough rafts


Northwest sourdough bread

Oil/butter 50/50 blend

Crushed garlic


1. Melt oil, butter and garlic in saute pan

2. Toss rafts of sourdough in garlic butter mixture

3. Toast in oven until golden


1. Spoon white bean ragu into center of entree bowl.

2. Place raft of bread on top.

3. Top with grilled salmon

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