The Truck : Box Nature Sushi , with locations in South Lake Union and Wallingford.

The Fare: Japanese sushi rolls and more.

The Stop: With


Modern Day Rolls at Box Nature Sushi

The Truck: Box Nature Sushi, with locations in South Lake Union and Wallingford.

The Fare: Japanese sushi rolls and more.

The Stop: With a cute logo, brightly-colored truck, options to sub brown rice on all rolls, and menu descriptions such as "better heart beat," I can't tell if I am in So Cal or Japan.

While Seattle's first sushi truck, Garden Sushi, focuses on tradition and Zen, Box Sushi's mantra is modern and healthy eating.

The Real Housewives of Orange County would click their Manolo Blahnik heels in delight with all of the healthy options. Owner Takahiro Kuno (who goes by "Taka") proudly brews his own soy sauce, which is lower in sodium than the household names of Kikoman and La Choy.

The luscious greens poking out from the sushi rolls look like they were just picked from your neighbor's garden. The Leafy roll comes packed with kale, asparagus, and plum sauce, while the salsa roll meets Dr. Oz's guidelines for getting in your ruffage with avocado, tomato, jalapeno, cucumber and green onion.

My favorite, the Roasted Veggie roll, densely loaded with sweet potato, bell pepper, mushroom and kale, is one of the easiest ways possible to trick yourself into eating vegetables.


In most miso soups, you are lucky to find 1-2 miniscule squares of tofu. Taka's rendition is loaded with chunks of sweet potato, zucchini and mushrooms.

If you are a pescetarian, you will have eight tantalizing rolls from which to choose. The Spicy roll with wild salmon, tuna, cilantro, lettuce and housemade spicy sauce is a flavor explosion and by far my favorite.

Box Nature is only in its third week of operation, yet the shiny truck is one of the cleanest and most organized I have encountered. It all makes sense when I learn Taka has been in the sushi restaurant business for 20 years and previously owned his own Japanese restaurant. The sushi chef already accept most forms of payment, including the more obscure credit cards in the food truck world: American Express and Discovery.

Although I generally sigh at the sight of brown rice in Japanese food, I decide to try it with my Veggie roll. Taka asks, "How is it?" I start off by saying, "I generally don't eat brown rice," he grins and interjects, "Me neither!" I finish by telling him it is quite good and the nuttiness and grainier texture seem to jive well with the veggies.

You can easily satiate your appetite with the bargain-priced rolls, which range from $3.50-$4.25. But if you have wisely made room for dessert, check out Box Nature's frozen yuzu cream pie.

Were the samurai warriors kicking it with mango rolls and California rolls in the 8th century when sushi was first introduced to Japan? Probably not, but if Box Nature sushi rolled up, I am certainly Take would have done a brisk business. He surely will in Wallingford.

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