Niffer Calderwood
The Place: La Cote Creperie , 2811 E. Madison St., 323-9800, MADISON VALLEY

The Hours: Tuesday-Thursday, 11 am-9 pm, Friday, 11 am -


La Cote Creperie Is Home to Birkenstock Ladies Who Brunch

Niffer Calderwood
The Place: La Cote Creperie, 2811 E. Madison St., 323-9800, MADISON VALLEY

The Hours: Tuesday-Thursday, 11 am-9 pm, Friday, 11 am - 9:30 pm, Saturday, 10:30 am -10 pm, Sunday, 10:30 am - 5 pm.

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Uptown, Downtown or Down Home: Uptown for the ladies who brunch Seattle style. Weekends find this tiny cafe (as in 7 tables, tiny) packed to the gills. Weekdays find it host to the artsy wives of long retired doctors --the same one's keeping the premium yarn stores in business-- who spend their afternoons taking down tea, bubbles and French fare in $300 environmentally impact free "comfort shoes".

Bubbles, Bloodies or Black Coffee: The house bubbles are Rosé and worth every cent of their $8 a flute price tag. Espresso and lattes are available. There are no Bloodies, but the wine selection is great and you have to respect an establishment that offers fine bottles to go.... in your yarn bag.

Hungover, Hooked-Up or Hanging with the Family: Just say no to this entire neighborhood if you are hungover. Throw your sad self in a taxi and head to Capitol Hill. As for the fam, it depends on whom you are bringing. In a place this intimate, if your kid makes a peep, they are omnipresent. Grand folks or visiting in-laws, if they don't mind strolling Madison while you wait 45 minutes on a Saturday or Sunday morning for a table, will find it heavenly. This is the spot to take a hook-up who appreciates wine and the specialness of consuming it in the a.m.

What's Cooking?: Quiche, Pate and La Betterave (golden and red beets, with olive oil, lettuce, Bleu d'Auvergne - $10) are all available --however, crepes are the thing at La Cote. The La Savoyarde, (Raclette cheese, Yukon potatoes, and prosciutto-$13 ) features a savory buckwheat crepe playing home to some of the tastiest breakfast potatoes in Seattle. The La Berry (caramelized onions, goat cheese, tomato and chives-$12) makes for a satisfying, melt-in-your-mouth vegetarian option.

I was excited to try their famed La Citronnee ( lemon, sugar, butter), only to find out they were out of the specially milled, French-imported, fancy pants flour they use for their sweet crepes. Our table talked them into trying to make us a sweetie with their buckwheat flour, but as our kind server predicted, it was... compromised.

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