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The Place: Firefly Cafe & Creperie , 4160 California Ave SW, 402-5376, WEST SEATTLE

The Hours: Sunday 8 am - 6 pm, Tuesday -Thursday


Firefly Cafe Brings Crepes to California Avenue

firefly 002.jpg
The Place: Firefly Cafe & Creperie, 4160 California Ave SW, 402-5376, WEST SEATTLE

The Hours: Sunday 8 am - 6 pm, Tuesday -Thursday 6 am - 8 pm, Friday 6 am - 10 pm, Saturday 7 am - 10 pm

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Uptown, Downtown or Down Home: Newly opened in "downtown" West Seattle, Firefly's industrial clean and chic vibe brings a little uptown to the California Avenue party.

Bubbles, Bloodies or Black Coffee: No booze, but they offer non-alcoholic "wine sodas". The coffee is Zoka and fantastic. Be warned: A venti latte "to stay" will be served to you in one of those impractical, early '90s-style gigantic "boobie mug"/bowl with handles, straight out of Friends.

Hungover, Hooked-Up or Hanging with the Family: If your family is on the smaller side, this is a good spot for you. There are a few toys around for the kids to play with and a Cinnamon and Sugar Crepe ($4.50) makes an easy, fold-able munch'em for your rugrat. Firefly is bright and there is no hair of the dog, but the crepes package to-go nicely, so if you're hungover or have a large party I'd recommend calling ahead and taking them home. This is the place to bring a hookup with whom you're comfortable sharing a plate, and who can be counted on to complement your savory crepe with a sweet choice or vice versa.

What's Cooking: As Firefly has only been open one month, they're still working out a few kinks, but the Roast Chicken Crepe (caramelized onions, mushrooms, choice of cheese, spinach and Bechamel sauce- $9) is stuffed well and already a dish worth returning for. The Fresh Lemon (butter, lemon and sugar- $4.50) fell a little flat in the sweet department, and could have used a tangy punch of lemon curd or something to help distinguish its flavor.

Committed to providing a selection for folks who forgo animal based foods, this spot cooks up daily vegan soups as well as vegan and gluten-free crepes like The King (banana, sun butter, vegan chocolate and cashew cream -$9) and the Tempeh and Nut Cheese Crepe (nut cheese spread with kale, thinly sliced red onion and mushrooms, drizzled with balsamic reduction -$9) making it a great place to meet up with folks with tricky dietary restrictions.

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