Regardless of whether or not you embrace the holidays or bah humbug this time of year, it is a safe bet one of these activities


Trucks To Get You In The Mood For...

Regardless of whether or not you embrace the holidays or bah humbug this time of year, it is a safe bet one of these activities will be on your schedule: a dinner date, shopping, catching a movie or smoking something legal.

Here are my favorite trucks to hit along the way:

Romantic date: Garden Sushi

Blindfold your date and they will have no idea you have taken them to a parking lot of a gas station. Because once you step into Garden Sushi's covered tent with fresh roses, hanging flower pots and Asian murals with faint music playing in the background, you will be rewarded with a restaurant-like dining experience.

You will also score some confidence points for bringing a date to eat in the stomping grounds of a refueling station.

Go all out and order the omakase, a multi-course chef's choice experience. For 25 bucks, you can grub on the chef's recommended sashimi, nigiri and rolls.

cheese_wizards (Custom).JPG

Chow down before, during, or after a Lord of the Rings Marathon: Cheese Wizards

We have video evidence of Gandalf smoking the maddest weed in the shire, out of a churchwarden pipe no less. And now everyone in Washington can too! Yay Freedom!

If you don't celebrate all things legal, maybe your heart skips a beat when you hear Durin's Bane or Volde Mortadella. If so, you are worthy of geeking out with brothers Bo and Tom Saxbe at their fantasy-themed sandwich truck.

If those references mean nothing to you, you are not worthy of this truck's magnificence, but the two siblings will be gracious enough to welcome you with open arms. Durin's Bane is the Wizard's version of everyone's favorite flavor explosion sandwich, the mighty Cuban.

"Gandalf my old friend, this will be a night to remember."


Before watching "Exit Through the Gift Shop": El Sabroso: Street art on a truck just makes sense, but no one has pulled it off as finely as Sabroso. And it is conveniently located next to the Beacon Hill light rail. Tortas, tacos and quesadillas join brightly-colored mural paintings.

Fuel for a power shopping session at Anthropologie or Nordie's: Parfait

There is something feminine and whimsical about this artisan ice cream truck. And after owner Adria Shimada presents you with one of her swirly-designed homemade cones, you will be happy to trade in your designer skinny skins for a pair of drawstring wide-legged sweats.

In the summer, I go ga-ga over the Meyer Lemon. I also always crave Parfait's Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup because Shimada makes her own dark chocolate peanut butter cups.

The truck gets its beauty rest in the winter, but they deliver year-round. How's that for customer service?

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