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Did you miss Top Chef ? Here's what you need to know for tomorrow's water cooler conversation:

The setting: Taylor Shellfish Farms on


Top Chef: Seattle Rolls On

Bravo TV
Did you miss Top Chef? Here's what you need to know for tomorrow's water cooler conversation:

The setting: Taylor Shellfish Farms on Chuckanut Drive in Bow, followed by Southgate Roller Rink.

The elimination challenge: Working in pairs, create a dish inspired by a Rat City Rollergirl's competition name.

The guest stars: The Rat City Rollergirls

The drama: With John Tesar failing to live up to his most hated-reputation, Josie's forced to play pariah back in the cheftestants' Olive 8 suite. During the Quickfire challenge, which involves harvesting oysters, Josie repeatedly gets stuck in the mud. But the social tension peaks at Key Arena, where Josie accuses her fellow chefs of being sticks-in-the-mud. Her noisy cheers for a benched Rollergirl exasperate the less-rowdy fans in the cast, who snarl at Josie instead of drinking their beers.

The triumphs: Micah has a great night, impressing his hero Emeril Lagasse ("probably what Moses felt like when he was meeting God," the modest son of a pastor suggests) with fried oysters to take the Quickfire, and returning to the winners' circle with Lizzie on the strength of their crab-stuffed jalapeno with avocado crema. But the final victory belongs to John and Brooke, who created a Thai beef with slaw and jasmine rice in honor of Kutta Rump.

The debacles: Tempura Tantrum was pleased with the dip-it-yourself dish created in her honor, but the judges couldn't abide Josh and Sheldon's flaccid tempura. "The tempura failed," Hugh Acheson said after sampling it. Sauces aside, "the main part of your dish was a disaster," Tom Colicchio ruled, faulting Josh for allowing Sheldon to serve subpar tempura to the judges.

The losers: After weeks of defending his penchant for underseasoning, Bart earns a ticket home for collaborating with Josie on a bland teriyaki with bland forbidden rice with bland beet juice. "It was a really boring porridge," Acheson complains. Although he briefly blames Josie for deflecting blame, he ultimately decides "it's their problem" if the judges don't like his palate - and schemes to take his Last Chance Kitchen opportunity with a bag of salt.

The future: Flashbacks to personality clashes from Top Chef seasons past.

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