You might not know about Measure . While it's not a secret supper club, Measure is open only to Seattle Symphony attendees, with the Wolfgang


Measure at Benaroya Hall Serves Up a Sexual Soundtrack

You might not know about Measure. While it's not a secret supper club, Measure is open only to Seattle Symphony attendees, with the Wolfgang Puck-branded restaurant opening two hours before showtime at Benaroya Hall. Given the demographics of that particular dining crowd, I doubt you'll see too many Yelp reviews posted about this place.

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The modest menu features a few small plates, some soups and salads, and a handful of entrees--some of which might be unavailable. I'd heard of this happening. And when I dined, the server informed us that they were out of fisherman's stew, but only after we placed our order. (This could and should have been done beforehand.) Plus, that small menu comes with big pricing. See that roasted squash salad, described as a light entrée for $13? When the server offered to divide it in two, I politely declined and asked for it whole for the photo. When it arrived with six cubes of squash, a few leaves of endive and frisée, some apple slices, and a bit of blue cheese, I thought I had received a half-order. Good food cannot be had here for a song.

So what does Measure at Benaroya teach us about sex?

It's all about getting in the rhythm for a night of pleasure.

While not worthy of a "wow," Measure did serve up a few good bites, like crisp-skinned salmon and some decent crab cakes. Of greater value, the contemporary, comfortable dining room with views out to 2nd Avenue is a perfectly convenient venue for a pre-performance meal. Slide into a curved banquette and you can relax while enjoying a romantic dinner in an intimate restaurant that's just steps away from your seats in the concert hall. Whether for a first date or a fiftieth anniversary, get into the rhythm of a meal at Measure and a performance to follow, and the rhythm is gonna get you...perhaps some action later in the night.

After the show, when you put on a performance of your own in the bedroom, you might want to have a good soundtrack prepared. But what will it be? More classical music? Rock? Jazz? R&B?

Daniel Müllensiefen, lecturer in psychology at Goldsmiths College of the University of London, was the man behind a recent music study called "Science Behind the Song." If you take a look at his list of top twenty songs for sexual occasions, you'll find an eclectic array of artists and sounds, with Marvin Gaye and Barry White predictably toward the top. Ravel's "Bolero" is a fine choice, both for its length (you can have at least a quarter-hour session) and its crescendos. Personally, I'd throw Roxy Music's entire "Avalon" album into the playlist.

Beyond the music, the sexual lesson is to set the mood for all the senses. Take measure of the lighting for the eyes, odor for the nose (add the smell of some nice fragrance?), and maybe more food for a feast of flavor. Once you've got all that, do as Frankie Goes to Hollywood implored: Relax.

Readers, I'd love to know: What are your favorite songs for sex?

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