At first glance, that platter of sushi that Hajime Sato serves you at Mashiko in West Seattle looks like any other. But take a closer


Mashiko Will Make You an Eco-Sex Warrior

At first glance, that platter of sushi that Hajime Sato serves you at Mashiko in West Seattle looks like any other. But take a closer look. And listen to the man as he explains what you're eating. While you won't find bluefin tuna or unagi (eel) here, you will find fish that's a little different, still delicious, and often local.

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The plate that's pictured includes ono (wahoo), shrimp from the Gulf Coast (on the "acceptable" list), SweetSpring salmon, trout, and sanma (Pacific saury). Go omakase and Sato will select courses that might include geoduck and scallop ceviche with Asian pear, shirako (cod sperm) with cucumbers, and white king salmon tartare topped with a quail egg. See...seafood at Mashiko can be both playful and pleasurable.

So what does Mashiko's sushi teach us about sex?

It's all about sustainability.

Hajime Sato is a man on a mission. In 2009, he transformed Mashiko into the first fully sustainable sushi bar in Seattle. So what is sustainable seafood? I like the David Suzuki Foundation definition, which says it's "seafood fished or farmed in a manner that can maintain or increase production in the long term, without jeopardizing the health or function of the web of life in our oceans." Sustainability requires traceability and education; Sato is an advocate of the former and a leader of the latter--teaching people about the need to use the right materials, techniques, and approach to ensure a better tomorrow for seafood.

Bringing that same awareness about sustainability into the bedroom can make you an eco-sex warrior. That's a good goal. After all, doing it green can help you have a healthy sex life, and help create a healthy planet.

Being energy-efficient is erotic when you trade candles for lights to save power, and shower together to save water.

Watch what you're wearing. If donning clothes, consider the material. Organic cotton is great, but how about boxers made of bamboo fabric, or perhaps hemp lingerie? If you're dressing up a penis for protection, dispose of latex condoms properly, and note that polyurethane is tough to decompose (it's also toxic), but lambskin is biodegradable (though not effective against HIV).

Shop for certified organic massage oil, and go green with lubricants as well, avoiding artificial flavors, scents, and colors--as well as petroleum-based products. Also think natural when it comes to sex toys. Many have PVC and phthalates to soften the feel of hard plastic, whereas you'll feel good using glass, metal, and silicone.

And when your worlds of sex and food combine, consider sustainability as you drink wine, nibble chocolate, and slurp oysters. On that last one, I have a hunch you can call Sato anytime to get his advice. Referring to himself as a "sushi pimp" and "sushi whore," he seems happy to help with hedonism of the healthy kind. (This is, after all, the guy whose Katsu Burger gave us a lesson in spanking.)

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