Cupcake Royale
Nearly 40 percent of Americans who make New Year's resolutions vow to lose weight, with many of them swearing off cakes, cookies, pizzas


Food Resolutions Which Don't Require Giving Up the Good Stuff in 2013

Cupcake Royale
Nearly 40 percent of Americans who make New Year's resolutions vow to lose weight, with many of them swearing off cakes, cookies, pizzas and French fries. But many nutritionists would advise against deprivation: "People who eat the healthiest overall are those who allow themselves some indulgences," Dean Ornish, author of the understandably popular Eat More, Weigh Less, told WebMD.

In the spirit of crafting saner resolutions for 2013, Voracious asked locals producers and purveyors of the foods likely to show up on resolution-makers "don't eat" lists to propose alternative food-related goals for the coming year. Here, they share their aspirations for more home-cooked meals, cacao nib snacks and locally-produced bacon.

Jody Hall, owner and founder of Cupcake Royale

For my 2013 resolution, I'm resolving to cook at least once a week with my three-year old son Truman. The idea is to shop together, pick out ingredients that are fresh, local and healthy, and follow a recipe to create our meal each week. We work hard to create only one meal for our table, versus a meal for the adults and a meal for our three-year old. He really enjoys eating the things we eat -- especially if we're able to prepare the meal together! I love this resolution because it's just as much about spending quality time with my son. I learn so much from him in the process, and he's becoming fond of cooking and baking at the same time!

Lauren Adler, owner of Chocolopolis

Dark chocolate made with quality cacao and minimal ingredients is not a vice. In fact, it offers high levels of antioxidants and can make a great addition to your healthy diet in the new year. The key, however, is not eating mass-market chocolate that's full of sugar, milk and other ingredients. There are three ways I add chocolate to my healthy diet, even when I'm trying to cut down on sweets - natural cocoa powder, cacao nibs and high percent dark chocolate....Stick with chocolate bars made with good quality cacao that are 70% to 100% to keep your sugar content to a minimum. When you're eating good quality, dark chocolate you don't need a lot to be satisfied. Break off a square at a time and let it slowly melt in your mouth. You'll be surprised how one or two squares of chocolate will satiate your appetite.

Danielle Custer, co-founder of Monte Cristo Gourmet Grilled Cheese and Mobile Melts

My resolution is to keep it simple. Focus on ONE THING and do it really well, while enjoying what I'm learning from doing the same thing over and over again -- and sharing the final product with others. Also, to share really delicious, locally-inspired and -produced foods that are globally unique. Some favorites I plan on enjoying in 2013 are bacon and eggs from Skagit River Ranch, jams from Deluxe Foods, invigorating kimchi from Firefly Kitchens and cheeses from Samish Bay Creamery, Gothberg Farms and WSU. Finally, I plan on French whisking everything I possibly can

Jeana Harrington, managing director of Oola Distillery

I'm committing to quality, not quantity -- as it extends to people, my time, surroundings, food and (always) spirits. It's about a night surrounded by best friends at Needle & Thread, sharing burgers and watercress and glorious concoctions. Whatever the effort and expense, you can never regret something when it is truly memorable. And those thoughts make consuming bulk oatmeal and green drinks the rest of the time totally worth it.

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