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If ever there was a morning to indulge in hearty breakfast fare at a more reasonable hour, New Year's Day would be it. As this


9 Seattle New Year's Day Brunches

5 Point Kids Shirt.jpg
If ever there was a morning to indulge in hearty breakfast fare at a more reasonable hour, New Year's Day would be it. As this year's first day falls midweek, pickings are slim, but here are some places happy to serve you, broken down by the criteria with which we judge our weekly brunches.

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Uptown- ART Restaurant @ The Four Seasons, 99 Union Street, 749-7070, DOWNTOWN

When money's not an issue and you want to ring in the New Year in style, try Art. For N.Y.D.--from 8 am to 2 pm--they feature an a la carte Eggs Benedict menu ($19 to $24).

Downtown- The 5- Point, 415 Cedar Street, 448-9991, DOWNTOWN

While dining out on certain major holidays can be depressing, at the 5-Point you'll find a host of folks from 2 to 99 all happy not to be hanging with their extended families on those occasions when everywhere else is closed.

Down Home- Hattie's Hat, 5231 Ballard Ave., NW , 784-0175, BALLARD

Kid-free bar service and a family-friendly back room provide any type of vibe you might be looking for on January 1. Expect Southern-style diner cookin' and a bangin' Bloody Mary served by folks who are used to working on your day off.

Bubbles- Cafe Presse, 1117 12th Ave., 709-7674 , CAPITOL HILL

No matter if the bubbles are being popped to celebrate the new morning or if they are still flowing from the night before, Cafe Presse will be open to provide you pastry and baked eggs with your fizzy accompaniment.

Bloodies- Lola, 2000 4th Ave.,441-1430 , DOWNTOWN

Lola's Bloody Mary recipe is as well guarded as it is beloved. The perfect spot for some blissfully upscale hair of the dog.

Black Coffee- Freshy's Coffee, 2735 California Ave SW # 120, 937.4316, WEST SEATTLE

This cute little shop has coffee, homemade soup and sandwiches, treats, comfy couches with toys, and games aplenty --and beer and wine-- making for a partied-out parent paradise.

Hungover- Ballard Smoke Shop, 5439 Ballard Ave. NW, 784-6611, BALLARD

The Smoke Shop knows hard booze. The Smoke Shop knows drunks. The Smoke Shop knows hangovers. You, my friend, will be in good hands.

Hooked-Up- Max's Cafe @ Hotel FIVE Seattle, 2200 Fifth Ave., Seattle, 441-9785, DOWNTOWN

Is any brunch better than than one you shoot down to on an elevator for after a night of tearing it up in the sheets? Hotel FIVE is banking there's not. For $185 (plus tax) you'll get overnight accommodations, free parking, a 2 pm checkout time, and brunch for two. The N.Y.D. menu includes items like Chipolte Chocolate Pancakes, Hangover Havana Hash, Shrimp n' Grits, and Jerk Rancheros.

Hanging with the Family- Beth's Cafe, 7311 Aurora Ave.,. N., 782-5588, GREENLAKE

Beth's does big portions, for big parties, every day of the year.

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