Take a seat in the SkyCity revolving restaurant near the top of the Space Needle, and you'll get a full revolution with sweeping views of


SkyCity and Sex in Space (Needle)

Take a seat in the SkyCity revolving restaurant near the top of the Space Needle, and you'll get a full revolution with sweeping views of Seattle in just 47 minutes. That's if you're lucky. With the lowest-priced entrée coming in at nearly forty dollars, most of Mitt Romney's now-famous "47%" simply can't afford to take that turn of 47 minutes. Besides, if you check out the reviews, you'll find that many say you're paying more for the view than the quality of the food.

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In celebration of the Space Needle's 50th anniversary, October offers a way to experience SkyCity in a different way. Fresh Faces of the Future is a dinner in which Seattle's future culinary stars work with SkyCity's resident chef in creating a tasting menu for $62, with proceeds benefitting scholarship funds from the student chefs' schools: Seattle Le Cordon Bleu, Seattle Culinary Academy, FareStart, and South Central Community College. (In fact, SCCC's Will McNamara created my favorite dish of the dinner: seared scallops with Moroccan-style ceci beans, grilled peppers, spinach, and a charmoula dressing that was citrusy, spicy, and simply intriguing.) That's a good price for a package that includes five courses and a fabulous view for a good cause.

So what does a SkyCity dinner experience teach us about sex?

It's all about sky-high pleasure.

It takes 41 seconds (at 10mph) for the Space Needle elevator to reach the restaurant, putting you about 500 feet off the ground. (The overall Space Needle height is 605 feet.) This is less than one-tenth of a mile, but you'll have a mile-high feeling as you take in the wide-open views while eating dinner. If you've never been, you'll be eager with anticipation as the elevator ride reaches its climax. Throughout the whole experience, you'll likely be mesmerized and awestruck, excited to point of saying "I can't believe I'm doing this."

It's the same with sky-high sex. The experience is unique and thrilling, which is part of the allure of joining the Mile High Club. (Alright, part of it is also the risk-taking of doing it "in public.") Planned, the anticipation can be almost painfully arousing. Planned or not, participants report a high from getting frisky in the friendly skies.

That said, sometimes a unique setting makes the mediocre simply feel magnificent.

Think about it: Mile high sex is usually in the bathroom, which is a terribly tight space where there's barely enough room for an erection. It's so cramped you'll both likely need to stand or create some other crazy position, with the risk of getting cramps (or some other injury) exceeding the risk of getting caught. And who knows what kind of trouble turbulence can cause?

My suggestion: Buy a sex swing. These swings (or slings) put a partner up in the air, floating in space, with some feeling of weightlessness. They can provide both partners with great pleasure. And while you might not ever get to the Space Needle for dinner, especially on a night with fireworks, you can get high with your sex swing whenever you like, creating your own fireworks anytime.

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