The Truck: Seattle Biscuit Company; Locations can be found on Facebook .

The Fare: Savory and sweet biscuit sandwiches.

The Stop:

Clad in bow ties,


Seattle Biscuit Company Divulges the Secret to Staying Fit: High Fat Carbs


The Truck: Seattle Biscuit Company; Locations can be found on Facebook.

The Fare: Savory and sweet biscuit sandwiches.

The Stop:

Clad in bow ties, white shirts and plaid shorts, Sam Thompson and David Hanson are in week 3 of cranking out southern-styled biscuits from their plain white milkman's truck.

Profiling is for losers, but upon walking up to the truck, I did kind of expect to be greeted by either a pot-bellied dude or an Ina Garten-looking figure. Instead, I see two wiry-looking dudes at the helm.

In fact, Thompson is well known in the running community. He is an endurance athlete, which means running 50 miles in a day is no big deal. In fact, he recently ran home from the Cascades when wildfires prevented him from being able to complete a biking, climbing and running race. He ran 108 miles to get back to the Emerald City, just because he felt like it.

Ok, back to the biscuits. I fortuitously hit up the truck at opening time when the biscuits are just coming out of the oven. Each biscuit is spot on: Warm, fragrant, dense, layered and with just the right amount of flake.

I am not surprised to learn both lads hail from the biscuit-loving South. They are also using Shepherd's Grain flour, which is adored by Delancey and other local restaurants, because unlike a lot of wheat that is grown in the east coast and Midwest, Shepherd's Grain is from Washington. That means it is still fresh by the time it hits the stands at the store. If you didn't know flour goes bad, go compost all of your flour now and start fresh with Shepherd's.

In fact, Seattle Biscuit Company is pretty much a Farm to Biscuit truck. They source from some of the best suppliers in our neck of the woods: Honey from Ballard Bee Co., cheese from Pike Place favorite, Beecher's, sweet onion mustard from AJ's in Walla Walla, and dairy from Smith Brothers in Kent.

With egg in most of their savory biscuit sandwiches, the menu is heavily slanted towards brunch. The Che, stuffed with eggs, bacon, ham, cheese, pickles, sweet onion mustard, and apple butter, is a top seller because it rules. With that powerful combo, my only feedback is that it could have used a hot sauce to tie it all together.

The Lunch Pail pays homage to a school time favorite: CB's peanut butter with apples and jelly. I recommend asking for the house made apple butter instead of the sliced apples because it is that good.


The Nuptial Flight, armed with rock salt, butter and honey, is a race-winning combination. It is so good I wish there were more of it to stand up against the thick biscuit. The filling gets a little lost in the biscuit bomb.

Even though the theme of the truck is biscuits, a sleeper favorite is the Beecher cheese grits and sausage gravy. It's thick, creamy, and with just enough sausage to make you wish you had ordered one for the road.

My test of a winning biscuit is whether or not it will stand the test of time. Art Stone's Honest Biscuits is my gauge as his gigantic carb delights stay impeccable for up to three days. Sam and David's biscuit also prevailed as my honey, butter and rocks salt biscuit stayed crispy on the outside and moist on the inside and still maintained its shape after sitting on my counter for 8 hours.

So, the next time your personal trainer advises you to run more, make sure you simultaneously up your intake of biscuits too.

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