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The Watering Hole : The Skylark Cafe & Club , 3803 Deride Way SW, 935-2111, WEST SEATTLE

The Atmosphere : Your stereotypical dark bar by


Sibling Servers Shine at the Skylark Café

skylark 004.jpg

The Watering Hole: The Skylark Cafe & Club, 3803 Deride Way SW, 935-2111, WEST SEATTLE

The Atmosphere: Your stereotypical dark bar by day, you never escape the feeling this place was made for nightlife. Beer signs, random knick-knacks and the small stage remind you this place serves up some of the best times in West Seattle that can be had after 9 pm. The harsh light of morning reveals the Skylark clean enough not to fear their food service.

The Bar Keep: Matthew Pleasant is an East Coast transplant who has only been in the NW a few months. You can find him pouring in the AM on weekends at the Skylark, where his server sister Laura--also new to the NW--will be happy to take your breakfast order. You can find Mr. Pleasant, whose name is more than fitting, tending during the week at the Springhill Suites in South Lake Union.

The Drink: Though the Bloody Empress (Absolut Peppar or 1800 resposado, muddled olives, lemons, and limes, housemade bloody mix) is the most popular drink among early risers, the Morning Mariachi (Kahlua, tequila, coffee, whipped cream, cinnamon) provides a jolt of caffeine with your tequila and is surprisingly less sweet and definitely more fun than some Starbucks concoction.

The Verdict: Even though the exterior would never let you in on it, this is a top-notch cocktail joint. With drinks like the Bearskin Reynolds (Jim Beam rye whiskey, muddled cucumber, Aperol bitter orange liqueur, Drambuie) which have been thoughtfully crafted with care and a little humor, the Skylark is completely worthy of a pilgrimage west.

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