The Place : Fonda La Catrina, 5905 Airport Way S., 767-2787 GEORGETOWN

The Hours : Saturday & Sunday, 10am-3pm

Uptown, Downtown or Down Home :


Fonda La Catrina's Brunch Is Beautifully Boozy

The Place: Fonda La Catrina, 5905 Airport Way S., 767-2787 GEORGETOWN

The Hours: Saturday & Sunday, 10am-3pm

Uptown, Downtown or Down Home: Traditional Mexi-breakfast taken uptown, Fonda is the perfect mix of cool Georgetown industrial and warm Latin influences.

Bubbles, Bloodies or Black Coffee: The coffee is Café Umbria, and while it's delicious, it is also a little steep at $3 a cup. You can get both bloodies and mimosas, but I'd skip the standards and head straight to the brunch cocktail menu, boasting 11 selections of tequila-based drinks ranging from the Paloma (Tequila w/grapefruit Jarrito soda, fresh lime juice and a salted rim -$6.50) to the Juan Collins (Tequila El Jimador Reposado, simple syrup, lime juice and ginger beer -$8) to a Beer-arita (choice of beer, fresh squeezed margarita mix and tequila-$8) -- all of which deliver a serious morning buzz.

Hungover, Hooked -Up or Hanging with the Family: Bar seating and wi-fi are available for solo and/or hungover dining. Kids are welcome and a cheese tamale (one or two Carlton Farms pork or Benidita cheese tamales, black beans, cream & cilantro-$4 a piece) and some seasonal fresh fruit ($4) will do them right. This is the spot to take a hook-up from out-of-town as they will be impressed with Georgetown's neighborhood flavor and the quality of the menu.

What's Cooking: If you are up for it, brave the Menudo (St. Helen's tripe braised in guajillo & arbor -$9) or the less risky Pozole (Carlton Farms pork in red chile broth, hominy & all the trimmings-$8). The Pan Dulce (Two slices Macrina cinnamon bread 'French toast' style w/powdered sugar and piloncillo syrup-$6.50 or w/ three slices of bacon -$8.50) will satisfy your sweet tooth, and the house favorite Costillas en Pasilla (Two eggs, name your style, pork ribs, pasilla sauce, beans, onions, cilantro & tortillas- $12) --if the audible responses of the gentleman enjoying it two tables away was any indication-- is well worth the drive down south.

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