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The Place: 9 Million in Unmarked Bills , 3507 Fremont Pl., 632-0880, FREMONT

The Hours: Saturday and Sunday, 10am - 3pm

Uptown, Downtown or Down


9 Million's First Weekend Brunch Scores a 7

9mil 001.jpg
The Place: 9 Million in Unmarked Bills, 3507 Fremont Pl., 632-0880, FREMONT

The Hours: Saturday and Sunday, 10am - 3pm

Uptown, Downtown or Down Home: Sandwiched somewhere in the middle of up and downtown, 9MIUB -- as it will be referred to in the rest of this article-- has a mid-morning identify crisis. Is it a throwback lounge? Is it a whiskey bar? Is it a pseudo-Speakeasy as the name, drinks and memorabilia imply? Or it is a local tavern where the NFL Sunday ticket rules the room at noon? On what was their inaugural brunch weekend, 9MIUB is still figuring it out. Given the large, easily divided space and outdoor area, with a pair of plush velvet drapes and some adaptations to the sound system, this place could work as both an upscale "Brunchery" and football fan destination.

Bubbles, Bloodies or Black Coffee: The Coffee is Caffe Vita. Their Mimosas are J. Roget. The Bloodies are of the finely crafted, "almost meal" variety, and the drink menu is extensive.

Hungover, Hooked-Up or Hanging with the Family: Kids are welcome at 9MIUB, but the menu has yet to accommodate them. Bar seating is available for solo or hungover dining. Depending on the severity of your hangover, be warned: This place is bright and you had better be "Ready for Some Football" as the bar is absolutely blaring with sportscasts and the blathering afternoon chatter of overly made-up Fremont girls in yoga pants. This is the place to take a hook-up who lives within stumbling distance (as parking in Fremont on Sunday is a bitch) and you are keeping things one- eye-on-the-game casual.

What's Cooking: 9 Million is currently running a test brunch with a small menu (the full lunch menu kicks in at noon) that manages to hit most of what you would want in a bar breakfast. Their Benedict, while nowhere near "a best" yet, wasn't too bad. It certainly outscored the likes of the Baranof and even 13 Coins, especially for a first go. The jazzed-up eggs and basics of the Breakfast Skillet scored points for presentation, but they have yet to work out the kinks in their home fries, which were nicely seasoned, but begged for a pre-fry blanching, as they didn't quite shake that raw potato taste. Little glitches like this --probably due to a deep fryer not being hot enough at 11 am-- will most likely be worked out with time, and given the lovely outdoor seating and central Fremont locale, 9MIUB has the makings of a soon-to-be brunch hotspot.

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