Boy, I could use a Fernet.

There are few better ways of establishing how much - and how well -- you've been eating than


The Complete 100 Favorite Dishes List

Boy, I could use a Fernet.

There are few better ways of establishing how much - and how well -- you've been eating than compiling a list of the 100 standout dishes. Somewhere around entry 43, I was pretty sure I wouldn't be able to come up with enough dishes to reach the 100-mark. (I wonder if scholars will ever examine unfinished blog lists the way they now study unfinished novels and symphonies.)

By entry 87, I realized I was going to run out of slots before I'd named every local dish I love. The 100 dishes which made the cut are listed on the following pages.

100. Short Rib Rice, Billiard Hoang

99. Savory Dutch Baby, Tilikum Place Cafe

98. Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream, Mora Iced Creamery

97. Pickled Herring, Blueacre Seafood

96. Tajarin, Spinasse

95. Logger's Special, Northlake Tavern

94. Chicken Liver Pate, Sitka & Spruce

93. Reuben, Collins Pub

92. Lamb shank, La Rustica

91. Banana Cream Pie, Ma'Ono

90. Crimini Pizza, Delancey


89. Oatmeal, Oddfellows Cafe

88. Smoked Paprika and Cheddar Croissant, Crumble & Flake

87. Deviled Eggs, Matt's in the Market

86. Farmer's Benedict, Shanty Cafe

85. Oyster Po' Boy, Where Ya At Matt

84. Goi Cuon, Green Leaf

83. Twice-Baked Almond Croissant, Bakery Nouveau

82. Pan Picante, Salvadorean Bakery

81. Crawfish, The Cajun Crawfish

80. Coconut Tart, Cake House


79. Abulafia, Eltana

78. Star-Spangled Sour Cherry Pie, A La Mode Pies

77. Godzilla Attack, Katsu Burger

76. Liege Waffle, Arosa Cafe

75. Korean Fried Chicken, Hanmaum Restaurant

74. Croque Monsieur, Cafe Presse

73. Yebeg Tibs Firfir, Chef Cafe

72. Other Parts of the Pig, Bamboo Garden

71. Jaga Beef Hash, Gourmet Dog Japon

70. Toasts, Dinette


69. Fish and Chips, Red Mill Totem House

68. Chipotle Prawns, Poquitos

67. Mantoo, Afghan Cuisine and Banquet Hall

66. Salt and Pepper Squid, Sea Garden Seafood Restaurant

65. Grilled Vegetable Salad, Nordstrom Grill

64. Lunar Orbiter, SkyCity

63. Hangtown Scramble, Lowell's

62. Apple Fritter, Top Pot Doughnuts

61. Soft-Boiled Egg, How to Cook A Wolf

60. Pulled Pork Indian Taco, Off the Rez


59. Strawberry Anko Corn Whip Crepe, Unicone

58. Tagliatelle, Spur Gastropub

57. Sauerkraut Stew, Budapest Bistro

56. Bolognese, LloydMartin

55. Kale Caesar, Skillet Diner

54. Sausage and frites, Dot's Delicatessen

53. Pistachio gelato, D'Ambrosio

52. Broiled Mackerel Wrap, Ba Bar

51. Spicy Landjager, Bavarian Meats

50. Mee Ketang, Phnom Penh Noodle House


49. Chili, Sport Restaurant

48. Baked Oysters, Shuckers

47. Danish, Nielsen's Pastries

46. Pastrami, Modernist Cuisine Lab

45. Bread Pudding, Boat Street Cafe

44. Breakfast Pizza, Cafe Lago

43. Tongue Sandwich, Salumi

42. Crispy Fish Skins, The Walrus and The Carpenter

41. Long Bone Rib Eye, Metropolitan Grill

40. Charcuterie Plate, Le Pichet

Jay Friedman

39. BBQ Pork Banh Mi, Sub Sand

38. Coconut Cream Pie, Dahlia Lounge

37. Pretzels, Brave Horse Tavern

36. Clam and Pancetta Pizza, Serious Pie

35. Lasagna, Cuoco

34. Dungeness Crab Fried Egg Sandwich, Seatown Seabar

33. Chicken Shawarma, Mawadda Cafe

32. Congee with Dried Oysters and Pork, Mike's Noodle House

31. Corned Lamb Salad, Revel

30. Meatloaf Sandwich, Bakeman's


29. House Special Fried Rice, Green Village

28. Spaghetti, Il Corvo

27. Morning Glory Muffin, Macrina Bakery

26. Drumstick, Chicken Valley

25. Spicy Squid, Ka Won

24. Crumpet, The Crumpet Shop

23. Ham Cracklings, The Coterie Room

22. Oysters, Taylor Shellfish

21. Cassoulet, RN74

20. Baked Potato, Wedgwood Broiler

chicken valleydrumstickfave.jpg

19. Kouign-Aman, Le Reve

18. Pork Adobo, Oriental Mart Kitchen

17. Kalbi Tacos, Marination Station

16. Garlic Wings, Roxbury Lanes

15. Bagel and Lox, Blazing Bagels

14. Fully Loaded Tater Tots, Heartland Cafe

13. The Detroiter, Holy Cannoli

12. Curry Beef Hum Bao, Mee Sum Pastry

11. French Fries, Golden Beetle

10. Chips and Salsa, Senor Moose


9. Pollo a la Brasa, San Fernando

8. Rice Cakes, Din Tai Fung

7. Blackberry Cobbler, Anthony's

6. Wild Boar Sloppy Joe, Quinn's Pub

5. BBQ Combo, Kau Kau Barbeque

4. Omelette, Marche

3. The Roman, The Independent Pizzeria

2. Brussels Sprouts, Terra Plata

1. Gua Bao, Chino's

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