Stoned or Sober: Your Guide to Hempfest Snacking


Want THC with that? Thanks to the veritable boom in marijuana infused cuisine, it's a question that can now be asked about everything from lollypops to lasagna. But just because something can get you high doesn't mean you should always spring for the marijuana option. In honor of this weekend's coming celebration of all things hemp, we put five incredible medibles - as reviewed expertly on Voracious by Steve Elliott -- head-to-head with their sober counterpart to see which one we think you should bring to the Hempfest beach.

1. Russell Stover box of chocolate vs. Marijuana caramels


box of chocolates.jpeg

We don't need to quote overly sentimental movies from the 90s to convey the frustration everyone has with not knowing what it is you're going to get out of a box of chocolates. And while it's fun to think what would happen if a few marijuana goodies were slipped incognito into every box of Stovers, in the end we appreciate these clearly marked caramels.

Winner: Marijuana caramels

2. Red Bull vs. Cannabull



In most instances, we'd be inclined to say that if you wanted to put any of this evil stuff into your body, don't mix the signal with THC. But we remember that this is a preview for Hempfest, where possibilities are limited only by the hours in the day, the boundlessness of your spirit and the continuance of your high. So pop a Cannabull and get out there, good man.

Winner: Cannabull

Pop Rocks vs. Pot Rocks


pot rocks.jpg

Like they say, don't mess with a classic. And even if pop rocks weren't your favorite geologically accurate candy as a tike, there's a practical issue here: we can't think of a better way to harsh a buzz than putting something in your mouth that painfully explodes as it comes into contact with your quickly diminishing supply of saliva.

Winner: Pop Rocks (to be eaten before partaking)

3. Reese's Peanut Butter Cup vs. Reefer's Peanut Butter Cup



The Reese's Peanut Butter Cup is unimpeachable: A chocolate snack that forewent the candy bar paradigm in favor of a mold of a different kind, one with serrated edges. But with all due respect, we could not find one reason why the experience of the peanut butter cup would be impaired by the addition of marijuana, and good marijuana by Elliott's judgement.

Winner: Reefer's Peanut Butter Cup.

Coca-Cola vs. Toka-Cola


toka cola.jpeg

With Coca-Cola's name derived from the original recipe's call for nine milligrams of cocaine per glass, it's tempting to celebrate Toka-Cola as a return to the narcotic roots of this American classic. But to do so could lead us to forget that while marijuana slowly creeps toward acceptance in our society, many other drugs are left as marginalized fuel for horrendous drug wars. So we propose a new slogan: Drink Coke to Remember.

Winner: Coke.

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