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The Truck: How Pickle Got Out Of A Jam ; Detailed information can be found on their website .

The Fare: Pacific NW-inspired fare.



Food Truck Sneak Preview: How Pickle Got Out Of A Jam

picklejam_tableview (Custom).jpg
The Truck: How Pickle Got Out Of A Jam; Detailed information can be found on their website.

The Fare: Pacific NW-inspired fare.

The Stop: What better way to catch a sneak preview of a food truck than to have the owners cook you dinner at their house? Or conversely, from owners Venessa and James' perspective, what better way to help develop the menu for their upcoming food truck than to invite people over for a feast and gather feedback? Either way, it is a win-win for all parties involved.

Trained pastry chef Venessa Goldberg and business partner James have been hosting a series of intimate dinner parties all summer in the backyard of Venessa's house. I triumphantly snag the last four seats for Friday's dinner and joined six other diners at their home in the Central District.

The evening starts with an elderflower gin cocktail on the back deck. Paired with an assortment of pickled vegetables and flavored popcorn, it is an odd combo, but somehow works.

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My curiosity quickly gets the best of me as I descend down the steps to pay a visit to the couple's chicken coop and garden, looking for clues to what we would be eating for dinner.

When the symbolic dinner bell rings, we are welcomed to a communal table strewn with colorful lanterns above and vibrant flowers tableside. A four-course meal is on tap with co-chef James giving us a rundown of each course: Peach salad, Lemon gnocchi with sliced tomatoes, Cod with poached vegetables, Lemon balm ice cream with plum hibiscus jam and hot-out-of-the-oven scones. I dig all of the menu concepts, although some dishes are executed more flawlessly than others.

The cod is an odd fish choice as a main headliner, especially with its simple oven preparation. But the ice cream-jam-hot scone combination wow'ed me so much it was the first thought to cross my mind the morning after.

The vibe was, well, what you would expect when sitting down at a friend's house for dinner. Conversations and laughter increased as we filled our canning jars with more wine, with topics ranging from how Venessa and her husband Joe met (through Myspace back in the day) to how to make moonshine.

So, what can we expect from this uniquely-named truck? Goldberg says the duo is planning on offering 4-5 Pacific NW-inspired dishes per day. I suspect they will include at least one gluten free and one vegetarian friendly item on the line-up as they have already hosted one gluten-free themed meal and recently swapped out a vegetarian diner's meat dish with deep fried poached eggs.

The youthful cooking pair is crossing their fingers for a thumbs-up from the Health department for a late Fall debut.

Until then, you may spot their Tiffany-colored blue truck roaming around in the U-District, which is where James resides.

If you want to have a say in what makes the final cut of the line-up for How Pickle Got Out Of A Jam, then grab yourself a spot at one of their upcoming dinners. Price: $45 per person or $30 per person if you bring a bottle of wine to share with the table.

Oh, and what was the general feedback? Positive. The only constructive feedback from the group - Less cowbell, I mean, less fennel (the cod dish was served with poached fennel and apparently fennel, like cilantro, inspires strong love/hate opinions).

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