The Place: Bus Stop , 1552 E. Olive Way, 617-3704, CAPITOL HILL

The Hours : 4 pm - 8 pm daily, 12 am - close,


Bus Stop's Happy Hour Is Great for Extended Parking

The Place: Bus Stop, 1552 E. Olive Way, 617-3704, CAPITOL HILL

The Hours: 4 pm - 8 pm daily, 12 am - close, Mon-Thurs.

The Deal: $1.50 PBR, $3 drafts and $4 wells until 8 pm make for enjoyable, leisurely consumption.

The Digs: Seattle has rarely looked as urban, exciting, or vibrant as it does in the Bus Stop's wall mural by Greg Boudreau, making for a room that is both colorful and cozy. The house music is bartender's choice and was a mix of punk and dark wave on my visit. The staff is friendly without any of the Cap Hill malarkey you might expect, and this place has some of the most cleverly entertaining bathroom graffiti the city has to offer.

The Verdict: If you wish to enjoy this joint to the fullest, I would suggest doing it via public transit, as their name suggests. The drinks here are crazy strong and parking in this 'hood is a freaking nightmare. The Bus Stop is truly a "neighborhood bar," with a devoted and diverse group of regulars and more than one "Norm" in residence. Originally conceived as a gay retreat, the Stop is now more of an Olive Way community center -- they even feature BINGO night -- for folks who want to frequently lubricate within stumbling distance of their front doors.

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