The Truck: Six Strawberries . Locations rotate and can be found on Twitter .

The Fare: Gourmet ice pops.

The Stop: As I drive past


Six Strawberries' Popsicles Are the New Black

The Truck: Six Strawberries. Locations rotate and can be found on Twitter.

The Fare: Gourmet ice pops.

The Stop: As I drive past The Canal in Ballard, my wandering eyes spot an earnest-looking dude holding up a popsicle with one hand while resting his other hand on a large cooler. What the heck. I pull over to see what's up.

What's up is Will Lemke and his wife Vanessa Resler's new gourmet popsicle cart business. If the couple's one-month business isn't emblematic of Seattle, I don't know what is. In addition to pedaling their popsicle cart on two wheels, they get a kick out of sourcing locally, and their flavors are inspired by the bounties of the Pacific NW. Lemke even sources Rainier cherries from a high school friend's cherry orchard.

Lemke is lactose intolerant and his wife is allergic to most nuts, so all of their pops are vegan, dairy free and nut free (with the exception to the PB & J).

As head chef, Lemke excitedly tests out his concoctions like a mad scientist. Cooking in the commissary kitchen at The Canal, Six Strawberries currently has 7 flavors and of course strawberry is one of them.


As a bona fide glutton, I decide to try one of each because more is always better. At 3 bucks a hit, every single one is more than delightful, but here are my favorites from best to almost the best:

Strawberry Rhubarb: With bits of brown sugar crumble on the exterior, this is better than your mom's summer fruit pie; only, you don't even have to chew.

Latte: Lemke always lamented at the lack of frozen coffee treat options for peeps who are lactose intolerant, so he is especially proud of this ice pop. He impeccably nails the taste as one virgin bite convinces me someone just froze my favorite latte. It is even creamy!

Blueberry Lemonade: Refreshing, tangy, and emanating summer, this unadulterated pop has a beautiful deep purple lacquer shine and is my number one go-to after a sweaty bike ride.

Strawberry: Tastes like strawberries. A winner.

Fudge: Smooth and hearty, just what you would expect from a fudge pop.

How does the energetic chef get the pops to taste so good without adding dairy? He uses a silky, coconut-tofu base, and he is really that good. Lemke carefully selected the protein base from the International District's Northwest Tofu.

Look out for:

New flavors. The popsicle chef is constantly experimenting with different flavor combinations. Next up: Thai iced tea

Six Strawberries to ride into your neighborhood! The couple is still working on finalizing locations, but they will likely pedal to South Lake Union every Wednesday. Amazonians love their frozen treats! Give 'em a shout on Twitter and let them know where you want them to wheel.

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