Oscar Montejano Does His Own Caesar Salad At Queen City Grill

Photo by Tiffany Ran
In the last Grillaxin', Queen City Grill's executive chef Oscar Montejano explained his no nonsense work ethic. Today, he provides his version of the Caesar Salad. When Montejano started at Queen City, he reworked the Caesar Salad, a recipe by former co-owner Peter Lamb whose recipe for an upscale Caesar included a light, delicate vinaigrette. Montejano developed a creamy, decadent anchovy and garlic rich dressing. The new recipe earned nods as the best Caesar in the city.

Queen City Grill Caesar Salad


2 oz. minced anchovy filet

9 oz. minced garlic

2 oz.. red wine vinegar

4 oz. grated parmigiana

6 beaten whole eggs

¼ cup fresh lemon juice

4 Cups quality olive oil, not extra virgin


8 whole heads of fresh romain

Combine all ingredients except for lemon juice and olive oil in a food processor and grind to a fine paste. Add olive oil slowly like a thick batter, then add lemon juice to taste. Add more salt and Parmigiana if needed.

Chop up fresh Romain to bite size pieces. Lightly dress the greens and plate.

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