The Truck: Michael's B. Bop , currently located at 2300 North 45th.

The Fare: Korean

The Stop: When you don't feel like making the trek


Michael's B.Bop, The Archangel Of Food Trucks

The Truck: Michael's B. Bop, currently located at 2300 North 45th.

The Fare: Korean

The Stop: When you don't feel like making the trek to Lynwood for your fill of Korean food, head to the Wallingford Uptown Espresso parking lot on 45th. You will be rewarded with your choice of parking spots and tasty Korean grub for just under 6 bucks.

At B Bop, it's all about Bibimbap. Bibimbap is a traditional Korean dish that consists of a bowl of rice and a potpourri of mixed veggies and sometimes meat, topped with a fried egg. The red hot sauce is typically the linking factor, although this truck has a non-spicy miso variation for people who don't fancy the kick.

In week 3 of operation, owner Peter "don't call me Michael" Hong serves up this satisfying and non-greasy lunch lightning fast. He has a solid team of people working with him. Wife Jennifer, a nurse at Virginia Mason is temporarily helping him out, along with his sister-in-law and mother-in-law.

As a 1st generation Korean, Hong opened Michael's B.Bop to introduce food from his homeland and make Korean food more accessible to the Greater Seattle area. In Korea, the popular rice dish is served either at lunch or breakfast and has been known to comprise of leftover vegetables parents throw together to make a meal.

Here is how it works at B.Bop: You get a hearty serving of rice and a handful of several vegetables neatly set next to one another: bean sprouts, cucumber, radish, romaine, mushrooms, and carrots.

You have the option of a couple protein toppings for an additional buck. Choices include: chicken teriayki, kimchi tuna, bulgogi (a beef marinade) and tofu.

New to bibimbap and Korean food? Hong suggests you try the bulgogi, which is a common beef marinade used in Korean cuisine. He says both first-timers to bibimbap and seasoned Korean lovers go crazy for the bulgogi, rivaling the kimchi tuna which is also popular.


Who's Michael, you may ask? The truck is named after the archangel Michael. If you want more info, hit up Hong and his crew the next time you are there.

Sneak preview:

• Hong will periodically be switching up his protein toppings. Look out for a veggie friendly avocado bowl and a spicy pork variation.

• Hong is looking to add more outdoor seating so you can enjoy your rice bowl in the sun.

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