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Dear Caffè Fiore ,

It was nearly three years ago, on a drizzly, typical Seattle day when a friend brought me to your Queen Anne


A Love Letter to Caffè Fiore's Sevilla

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Dear Caffè Fiore,

It was nearly three years ago, on a drizzly, typical Seattle day when a friend brought me to your Queen Anne shop on a visit from San Francisco. I'd spent the weekend gallivanting around the city, soaking in the sights, sounds, and flavors of the Emerald City, deeply contemplating a move north. Your Sevilla mocha sealed the deal.

I am not generally a mocha drinker. I like my coffee dark and strong, my espresso drinks unsweetened. My friend--so wise!--insisted I order the Sevilla: a masterful creation of espresso, milk, dark chocolate, and a simple curl of orange zest. I formerly thought the combination of orange and chocolate should be reserved for those plastic-like candy balls grandmas give clueless kids at Christmas, but you convinced me otherwise. It's my favorite, and I'm not the only one.

Your Queen Anne cafe itself--like the other locations in Ballard, Sunset Hill, and West Seattle--is cozy and a little dark, the sort of place I hole up in for hours writing and taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi. I've had meetings there, as it's generally roomy enough for a few people to find a table and talk (I particularly like the Ballard location with its big communal table for this). There are always newspapers lying around if you're drinking solo and a few toys for the kids if you've got them.

After nearly three years of visits and mochas, you taught me something new this week: the Sevilla tastes just as good iced as hot. It's dangerously smooth, with the bittersweet undertones of the organic chocolate, a hint of orange, and just a slight acidic reminder that it packs a double-shot punch; my barista called it "very drinkable," a fine cocktail of an espresso drink. Being able to enjoy such a beverage within a short walk's distance of Kerry Park and its viewpoint of the stunning Seattle skyline, well, let's just say that as a resident of Seattle, it's an experience I now insist of my visitors as well.

With love and jitters,

Your humble, if overly caffeinated, servant

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