Happy Grillmore: Seattle Whisks Away Portland's Best


The Truck: Happy Grillmore. Locations can be found on their website.

The Fare: Burgers and fries

The Stop: When Microsoft invited Portland's Darren McGill and wife Kristine Martin McGill to roll their truck onto campus while some of the cafeterias were being renovated, the couple did not know it would prompt a permanent move to Seattle.

Lucky for us, these Oregon expatriates fell in love with Seattle and decided to stay. As of two weeks ago, they christened their brightly colored graffiti-styled truck with Washington plates.

The truck's reference to Adam Sandler's 1996 comedy about a hockey player turned golfer definitely draws attention on its own, but the burger concoctions coming out of this truck definitely warrant a visit. Voted best burger in their former hometown, the $8 Chubs is more than just 1/3 Angus patty with Tillamook cheese.

It has got a little bit of a twist with spinach, arugula, red pepper aioli and spicy mustard, served on a ciabatta roll.


Although cows are tasty, my favorite is the "Shooter" veggie burger. Made on a homemade black bean and chipotle patty, this burger packs in a lot of taste and has been known to satiate the desires of many meat-lovers.

Pescaterians can nibble on a ΒΌ pound wild salmon patty topped with pineapple slaw and jalapeno lime aioli.

Don't forget to add sweet potato fries with dipping sauces such as the honey chipotle aioli to round out your burger experience.

Although the couple occasionally misses Portland, they like their new digs in Seattle and see a lot of parallels between the two cities. One difference McGavin appreciates is mobile truck patrons here are more patient waiting in lines for food. He says there are so many food trailers in Portland that you have to churn out food quickly or people will just hit up another truck.

Sneak preview: Look out Ballardites. The husband and wife team will soon be churning out breakfast tacos and egg sandwiches on Sundays in your hood.

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