Urban Nomad Wanders South Lake Union

The Truck: Urban Nomad, locations can be found on their website.

The Fare: Pasta (with gluten free options, too!)

The Stop: There is nothing that piques my interest more than a spanking new food truck so clean you could eat their fare off any surface. So when Urban Nomad drove towards South Lake Union last week, my appetite and I stalked the lime green shiny wheels to its alley location on 1122 Harrison Street.

A little more than a week old, this truck is an offshoot of a brick and mortar on Elliott catering to F5 and Big Fish Games employees.

The truck's focus is pasta, a surprisingly rare specialty in the Seattle food truck scene. Prior to the Nomad, I would have bet my money on spotting a Sasquatch before a pasta food truck in Seatown.

With only four options on the menu, the decision is still difficult. The spicy Italian sausage ragu with rigatoni and the roasted garlic alfredo with fresh gnochhetti are equally appealing, but the hand-formed turkey meatballs with spicy marinara end up winning me over. Out of sheer curiosity, I order my pasta with the quinoa, gluten-free alternative.

Worrying I may have just signed up for bird turds on cardboard, I start with a preamble of lemon caesar to send a signal to my body, "Don't worry, I will feed you vegetables, too." The salad is refreshing and has the same satisfaction as ice cold lemonade on a warm day. The dressing is not overpowering and gives it just the right amount of zest. There is no skimping on the cheese either. Priced at $3.50, the greens are a great deal.

Onto the pasta. The meatballs are juicy, plump and spiced optimally to complement the marinara sauce. The quinoa noodles are slightly earthier in texture than their gluten laden brethren, but other than that, a terrific mate to the turkey meatballs, basil and asiago cheese. For 9 bucks, this is a budget effective meal as it can easily be shared with a pal or consumed over two sittings.

The truck is currently rolling around in South Lake Union, and is looking to add more locations in the future.

Note to gluten-free fans: Quinoa linguini can be substituted for any of the pasta options so go crazy.

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