The Truck: My Chef Lynn ,with locations during the week on the Eastside and a Sunday appearance at the Fremont Market . Locations can be


My Chef Lynn Is Bringing Issaquah to Seattle

The Truck: My Chef Lynn,with locations during the week on the Eastside and a Sunday appearance at the Fremont Market. Locations can be found on her website.

The Fare: Sliders, smoked meats, and good ol' fashioned American fare with flare.

The Stop: Approaching the truck with a large caricature of an attractive female chef sporting a ponytail, the last thing you expect to hear is Guns n Roses blaring.

That day, Lynn's twenty something year old son Josh and his buddy were in command as Lynn Rehn was buzzing around the Fremont Sunday market like a hummingbird, chatting up the other vendors.

This spunky veteran chef's goal is to bring a taste of Issaquah to Seattle. Which begs the question, what does the 'Quah taste like?

Decked out in red cowboy boots matching the background of her truck, she is serving up American classics with a twist: Moist lamb sliders kicked up a notch with sambal and crunchy peanut butter, pork sliders with dill pickle chips, and a wicked potato salad jazzed up with arugula and pepperoncini to give it a crisp taste amidst the creamy mayo.


Rehn even busts out Fremont market specials such as a smoked chicken caesar and pork chili verde.

In addition to her son helping out on the weekends, My Chef Lynn is a family affair as her husband designed her mobile kitchen. Chef Lynn is also fast becoming a steward for up-and-coming food truck owners with her welcoming approach and guidance.

She lets them onto her truck and shares detailed tips on lessons she learned through the process of getting her own truck operational. And she also loves eating at other food trucks.

As Lynn was running out to neighboring truck Lumpia World to pick up some eats, in true mom form, she asks her son and his friend if they would like a lumpia. They shrug, looking uncertain and borderline indifferent. "What is that, mom?" "Honey, it is like a fried spring roll. Just try it."

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